‘Women’s Loafer Styles Shoes – ‘A Gentlemen Perspective’

Joe 90, amazingpeopleamazingresults.net, Shoes Glorious Shoes, Wonderful World of Elliya, News, Reviews, Presentation, Humour, Fetish‘Well hello,’ if this is your first time here, thanks for passing by, if you have been here before, I,’ do appreciate the fact that you have come back, you ‘amazing shoe people,’ ‘just fab.’

I did not realise the love affair I would have with women shoes.

Ladies, from the beginning, there are ‘hundreds’ of stylish shoes out there; ‘Boots’ – ‘Flats’ – ‘High-‘Heels’ ‘Mules’ -‘Pumps’ ‘Sandals’- etc., even Sneakers/Trainers;

Joe 90, amazingpeopleamazingresults.net;It is not like the old days when people were limited in there choices’.

There’s an option for everyone on my list. The interest in ‘loafer shoe styles‘; will be enormous, very – on-trend for 2020. A trendy footwear; with roots from as way back as, the North Americans – comfort being the all-important priority; Bass Weejun and Gucci attributed with making and keeping these super casual shoes fashionable and timeless. Keep reading to discover the most popular, according to the ‘Gentlemen’.


As the ‘title’ above says, I have picked ten pairs of amazing (loafer-style) shoes, that gets ‘gentlemen’ hearts racing, and don’t worry ladies, I have taken quality – comfort – style – street-cred – and sex-appeal into consideration.


People – when looking to purchase anything, mainly get what you pay for, right, ‘that’s right, shoes are no different, so always remember, the six rules, when buying shoes – how there made – (hand or machine), The type of leather or material – adhesive/glue – construction/stitching – toe-shape; that they are never to narrow – never too long – and the uniqueness matters.

Loafers – Style; If you are not quick, you’ve probably found out the hard way, that the very cutest, they mostly tend to be snapped up quickly. – in a lot of cases, loafers can look just as attractive on a womens foot as a high-heel. Treat your feet; see how that rhymed!.

The incredibly low height on all loafers – styles: Means comfort – stable to walk in: The silhouettes are – stylish – sexy – timeless – always on-trend.

‘I have raved enough’!. We should look at shoes now, right!

I should stop talking, right!. OK; If you can, make yourself a drink! No matter where you all are; if not, sit back and relax.

No one has paid me any sums of money to write this article, (Independent) and footwear chosen is my view of what men feel, have the law of attraction. You can start at any shoe, it does not matter, as you will find my articles flow, always;

Today you lucky lovely ladies it’s all things’ loafer style, so if you are ready ladies ‘ let’s go’, ‘here we go, here we go, here we go… here we;…


Ladies look at my crystal ‘ball’, sorry, I meant, look into my ‘Crystal Ball!’- what do you see? What do you want to see? Now make a wish!… go on dream! but keep it dry!. (Please?)

Abracadadraaaaaa!; I am conjuring… Shhh!, look into the ball! Can you see ten supernatural phenomenons?… and as if by magic!.

Steve, my friend!, could you place those ten ‘Amulets’, (also known as lucky charms) on the table before us!.

Etro-Croco-Embossed-LoafersEtro – Croco-Embossed Loafers – Lay to rest the stress and anxiety of the high-heel for now; These thought-provoking quintessentially pink, (retro with a modern twist, a round toe) magical beauties, are just magic;

The ‘Gentlemen’ feel that these loafers made for the ‘journaling woman’ – calm – has proper technique – (a slow hypnotic rhythmic pace) she can show her feelings and express them – very articulate – inspired. The shoes also feature a branded insole and a flat sole. (Take note, she is never hot-headed, however, her partner?)


Paul-Smith-Chilton-Crocodile-Effect- LoafersPaul Smith – Chilton crocodile-effect loafers – A retro determined shoe (in pink leather) with a modern twist, these shoes are versatile – weddings – partying – or to the local wine bar, features include, a round toe – branded insole – flat sole. Their traditional Italian roots influence the bohemian-inspired creators – check out the simple but effective horse-bit. (This woman is a real hunter, who wear these shoes, has 20/20 eye-sight, can spot their prey in a bar, (especially in the dark) from a mile away – there always on top of there game – all action-oriented approach – she is pure of heart.)

My trusted assistants and ‘Steve’ liked these loafers. Pass me the next amulet Steve, thank you!

Coliac-Embellished-Slip-On-LoafersColiac – Embellished Slip-on Loafers – These sumptuous pink leather embellished slip-on loafer offer, crystal embellishments, a square toe, branded insole, a flat sole, and the all-important collapsible heel. Made in Italy; Another thinking womens shoe; these women take the opportunity to reflect, release, and intentionally plan for the day. Unlike a Pisces, (which have; noted as the dumbest zodiac sign – the wimp – too sensitive – too emotional) the Aquarian and Scorpion are the smartest, for different significant reason; the Aquarian; much higher analytical intelligence; measured by cognitive ability and IQ. (Look it up!)…Note; (These women are Aquarian – that don these shoes, and are members of the mile-high club,)

Keep them coming ‘Steve’, things’ have started to stir!

Gucci-Pink-Brixton-Leather-LoafersGucci – Pink ‘Brixton’ Leather Loafers – Ahhh!, wow, the ‘Brixton’ – well they feature the essential collapsible heel, which by now, you are aware that the big brands have adopted. Features include 100% leather upper and sole – a round toe – a tantalising silhouette – supreme horse-bit. These shoes are for the powerful woman the woman that fixed in her ways, resistant to change, feels good about herself, (good esteem) willpower second to no other woman. (It’s weird!, this woman is a ‘Scorpion’ – inflexible, however, treat her right, and she will bend over backwards for you.)


Salvatore-Ferragamo-Slip-On-LoafersSalvatore Ferragamo – Slip-on Loafer – Ladies, forget laces, get in the way? for these slip-on formidable elegant, dynamic loafers;

the women that wear these shoes keeps track of her thoughts (no written journaling here, she hates it!) by drawing them down or smartphone; she is not a time-waster, liking to keep things’ brief and to the point. These shoe features, leather upper – 100% leather sole and lining – a most practical shoe for the summer months – an upgrade to the moccasin – which is more of a driving shoe, stunning, made in Italy. (This woman likes to read to her partner, (in bed) popular adult-oriented fantasy novels.)

Prada-Knit-Fabric-LoafersPrada– Knit Fabric Loafers – These colourful artisans, expertly created, knit fabric loafers, come straight out of the ‘Milanese fashion house; they feature a square toe, a slick mid high block heel, and a branded insole. If you are looking for jazz, rather than classical, well ‘Prada’ is a label (always) delivers a fabulous pair of loafers; and be clear ladies, block heels are substantial for 2020 for sure. This woman likes a challenge – forget it if you are a ‘homeboy’ that eats nachos and watch ‘Harry Potter on ‘Netflix’; she eats her meat raw, likes to indulge in ‘Fast & Furious’ most evenings, here, here, ‘Steve replies’. Ladies, let’s move on fast and furiously!;


Bass Weejuns - Two-Tone-Black & White-LoafersThe Bass Weejuns – Two-Tone – Black & White Loafers – How much space do you have it your flat/apartment, for these super two-tone – Bugsy Malone (gangster movie) style loafer, beautifully designed, with black tassel and high-quality white leather fringe. These exceptionally well constructed – comfortable – stylish – sole fully stitched, with black rubber top section, not forgetting the traditional stitched rear kicker. (Mess with the women that wear these shoes; end up with a horses head in your bed, trust me!)


Dune - Bertie - Goodwin TanDune – Bertie – Goodwin Tan – These loafers scream ‘I am full of character’ – well-built. The women that wear these woven leather creations – slip-on design – classic saddle detail, with contrasting block heel;

She knows how to dress smartly; She is independent; She has spirit, (just like the shoes) in tune with life; She is carefree; She pursues out-door activities; She has a doggie called ‘Style’. (This woman probably lives in Suffolk, U.K.)

Ladies, allow yourself to enjoy something you deserve, and desire, go on, you can make another wish!.

Ladies, only two ‘Amulets’ to go!

Dorateymur-Red-Han-23-Snake-Brooch-Suede-LoaferDorateymer – Red Han 23 Snake Brooch Suede Loafers

Oh, my day’s ladies, yummy, yummy, yum, yum!, yes, I know, absolutely gorgeous these slip-on loafers!

they have a cinematic feel about them,

the signature sculptural shoe silhouettes, (made for hopeful romantics) crafted in brilliant red suede, with an ornate silver-tone, snake embellished jewellery, they have a very nostalgic look about them; a square toe and low block heel completes the design. (Are these shoes for women called ‘Eve’? !  which has a partner called ‘Adam’… Note, message for all ‘Adams’, If you do decide to go on a romantic date, with this woman called ‘Eve’; If she pulls out an apple, and says, take a bite, run for the hills. (Remember the ‘Law of Attraction’)

As ‘Steve’, my trusted assistant has been so good today, by helping me to help you, by conjuring up all ten of the beautiful ‘Amulets,’ (Lucky ‘Charms’) he wanted to throw in a few cheesy pun’s… after the last show-cased shoe!

Dorateymur-Black-Harput-LoafersDorateymer – Harput Loafers – These Sexy, Seductive, Stylish, (for the temptress) suede and metal – squared toed – slip-on – branded insole – with a simple low block heel – a very salacious (look up; salacious) vibe going on here. The wearer of these shoes have a dark-side – are suggestive – erotic – risque – corrupting – hard-core – they will have you doing all things’ inappropriate. (These women have probably done ‘Playboy’ cover shot’s, to give there careers a boost)

We want ‘Steve’. We want ‘Steve’, We want ‘Steve’, We want ‘Steve‘… ‘Well go ahead with your puns!…; I would like to say ladies it’s been magical, spell-binding, everything has been crystal clear, and I am feeling aroused. (Thanks ‘Steve’)

I have shown you, a comprehensive, and an honest view of what a ‘Gentleman’ likes, in the way of what shoes (loafers) women wear, and what gets their hearts racing? While having a bit of fun,

‘however’, my commitment to yourselves, regardless of creed – colour – gender or any other persuasion, is solely, to help your search in finding the perfect ‘amazing shoes’, and getting, the best ‘amazing results’.

If you care to read my ‘About Me’ page, you will get the whole story of, how ‘Joe 90” arrived here today.

Please, feel free to leave any comments.

Joe 90


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