What are the perfect pair you ask; loafers are street

What are the perfect pair you ask; loafers are street – office – club wedding – funeral – even wear at home cool. Stylish, and versatile; good enough to pair with most things – they look great with jeans – shorts – skirts – or dresses, almost anything in your closet. While thousands of shoes claim to be super comfy; Some footwear -boots – high-heels as an instance can be uncomfortable on warmer on summer days.

Instead of spending money on ‘clunky, chunky’ boots or high-heels (at the moment), I have done my comprehensive research; The / my research is on; As always – A ‘Gentlemen’s Perspective,’yeah!!; ‘The Perspective of Men’ of what (shoes) gentlemen like to see women wear.; Not on some of those fake reviews out there!.

To see which pairs live up to all the hype; That is what I do!. (see best styles men like) – and all the rest of it – Stay with me here!. (‘Joe, 90.’)

Being here ladies, you can now read (in all my articles) what the ‘Gentlemen’ is thinking ‘The Law of Attraction’; Simply put, the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing. (This you could lookup)

The ultra-slick sensible options outlined below – have not only excellent slip resistance; getting through a long day on your feet; They have street-cred as well.

There’s an option for everyone on my list. Keep reading to discover the most comfortable women’s loafers.

I love loafers! They are cool to wear with or without socks. I have raved about this – casual style footwear, from the day I purchased my first ever pair: Shhh!…don’t ask me how long ago!.

Loafers – Style is; If you are not quick: (you’ve probably found out the hard way), that the very cutest; They most tend to be snapped up quickly – Treat your feet, see how that rhymed!.

Looking for a pair of sexy stylish casuals – that goes with practically everything; Then simply check out all the sleek pairs. (Below). There are made with 100 per cent patent leather or leather-suede mix otherwise, the shoes could be wiped clean.

The incredibly low height on all loafers – styles: Means comfort – stable to walk in: The silhouettes are – stylish – sexy – timeless – always on-trend.

‘I have raved enough’!.

We should look at shoes now right!, I should stop talking right!. OK, no matter where you all are; If you can, make yourself a brew (if not) sit back and relax.

Ladies if you are all ready, here we go, here we go, hear we go…..here we go!

‘The Gentlemen Perspective’ – Loafer (Style) Shoes.

FitFlop-Gogh-Pro-Superlight-Patent-ClogFitflop – Gogh Pro Superlight Patent Clogs – Shhh!…! They wipe clean these patent lovelies;

A good start guaranteed to soothe those tender hard-working feet, one of our favourites, world-class – with a pivoting strap which securely holds tight clog to heel – walk lightly –

excellent soft cushioning – triple-density midsole – British engineered; comfort that you deserve, and why not?. Guy’s loved these. (‘Black Beauties’ – ‘For the Show Jumper’)

Ravel-Levin-Patent-Leather-Low-Heel-LoafersRavel – Black Levin Patent Leather Low Heel Loafers – Sorry! I could not stop smiling at these gorgeous offerings. (For the seriously stylish)

Sophisticated and elegant, especially in black. The desirable almond-toe shape loafer; ring decorated front tassels – worn with black jeans and a black leather jacket makes them, and you look, gangster! (‘You looking at me punk’!)

Two down, let’s keep going, eh, ladies!

Moda-In-Pelle-Ellissy-Black-Patent-Leather-Moc-Croc-LoafersModa In Pelle – Elissy Navy Moc Croc – I will start with the branding foot-bed, and back of the ankle, classic Moda in Pelle, with knotted tassels detailed styling on the upper, low heel comfortable to wear; round toe – luxurious leather lining – well created on-trend moc croc designed loafer – an absolute every day 9-5 companion. (Shoes for the Slick ‘Chic’ Chick)

Keep the motor running, get out on the…

Dune - GradyDune – Grady – In these present times (at the back of loafers) are being given signature studs – the Dune Grady is no different – leather with round toe – block heel – comfortable moc croc style – ultra-modern feminine – with saddle strap and toe-stitch detail. (see the natural version) A smartly crafted walking shoes, you won’t need to take off after five minutes; You will be delighted with them – the ‘Gentlemen’ were!


L. K Bennett-Marina-Croc-Leather-LoafersL. K Bennett – Marina Croc Leather Loafers

The ultimate step up in style loafer – created from soft, smooth leather – with a chic pointed toe – supreme cushioning. Made in Spain a contemporary take on a classic silhouette from croc-effect leather – softly pointed round toes – with gold-toned equestrian styling embellishing across the foot. Ladies, pair these with ‘Dogtooth’ check trousers and white cardi. (For the women that like ‘Monopoly’!.)

Ortona-Ladies-Marine-Blue-Suede-Snaffle-LoaferOrtona – Maine Suede Snaffle Loafer

Made in Italy from soft, comfy suede uppers under heel padding – durable soles which give exceeding all-day comfort – an authentic perennial ladies design – matching stitching luxurious suede leather slip-on loafer – a very convenient option – traditional moccasin construction – average fit. Top styling. (Shoes for the women that deserve!)

Gone past the halfway mark!

I really work hard keeping you happy!


Tabitha-Simmons White-BlakieTabitha Simmoms – White Blakie

Made in Italy – Patent white – almond toe – branded insole – elegant low block heels – calf leather – wipe clean – fits true to size available in various colours.                                                                                                 Ladies, these loafers simply say ‘Pure.’ Tall or small created for you. (‘Wow Fresh, for an Angel’)

Shall we keep walking? ‘Yes,’!

Kurt-Geiger-Candy-LoaferOK, Kurt Geiger – Carvela Comfort – ‘Candy.’                                                   A tried and tested bestseller, a breathable slip-on from Carvela Comfort developed with support in mind for those ever so long days (comfortable to wear) a winning loafer truly affordable everlasting wear ability shoe. Crafted in white – signature cushioning – classic endless design style upper – all week versatility. (‘No Jedi Mind Tricks Here’!)


Russell & Bromley-Snaffle-LoaferRussell & Bromley – Snaffle Loafer – Made in Italy, embellished upper with a snaffle bar – gold equestrian horse bit. These classic loafers can be worn with the heels up or down, like a mule – designed in irresistible baby pink quilted calf leather. (I believe INC Concepts have a pink ‘mule’ similar). Place this signature ‘R & B’ classic loafer in your wardrobe – make a statement wearing them too. Find yourself a pair of ‘grey‘ slacks to pair. (‘Keep Calm and Carry On.’)

‘And now the end is near’. ‘And so I face the…I feel a song coming on Joe 90!.

Gabor-Simone-Leather-Penny-LoafersGabor – ‘Simone’ – Penny Loafers – Ahhh!!…Gabor founded in 1949, specialists in fashionable, feminine, comfortable superior quality styles. These ‘penny’ loafers have been one of their most popular approach from as long as they can remember. The ‘chunky’ cleated sole (set at a decent height) adds to the variant of the (loafer) much-loved style – the patent leather wipe-clean shiny upper (with suede) adds a premium touch. Distinctive footwear expertly made.                                                        (Shoes For The Constant Rule Breaker!.)

Well, there you are, it has been ‘amazing’ showing you around. I look forward to hearing from you. I have shown you, a comprehensive, and an honest view of what a ‘Gentleman’ likes, in the way of what shoes women wear, and what does get their heart’s racing? – while having a bit of fun, ‘however’ my commitment to yourselves, regardless of creed – colour – gender or any other persuasion, is based solely, to help your search in finding the perfect ‘amazing shoes,’ and getting, the best ‘amazing results.’

If you care to read my ‘About Me’ page, you will understand the whole story of ‘How,’ ‘Joe 90’ arrived here today.

Please, feel free to leave any comments.

Joe 90


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