Women’s Loafer Style Shoes – ‘A Gentltemen Perspective’

What are the perfect pair of ‘Loafers‘ you ask; loafers are street – office – club wedding – funeral – even wear at home relaxed. Stylish and versatile; good enough to pair with most things – they look great with jeans – shorts – skirts – or dresses, almost anything in your closet. While thousands of shoes claim to be super comfy; Some footwear -boots – high-heels as an instance can be uncomfortable on warmer on summer days.

Instead of spending money on ‘clunky, clammy‘ boots or hot, sweaty high-heels, at the moment, you may want to consider ‘Flat’ Loafers.

I have done my comprehensive research; The research is; As always – ‘A Gentlemen’s Perspective,’ oh yeah!!; ‘The Perspective of Men’ of what shoes/footwear gentlemen like to see women wear.;

The thing is – Women always have thought about whether they like / fancy (find attractive) ‘gentlemen’ by their shoes. I am now the voice of the ‘Gentlemen’ – I am here to inform ladies that the footwear women choose to wear ‘Gentlemen also judge too.; Join the club!.

See which pairs (‘A Gentlemen’) live to all the hype here; Not on some of those fake reviews that you might read out there!. That is what I do!. (see best styles men like, and I showcase) – and all the rest of it; To understand a little more, stay with me here!. (‘Joe, 90.’)

Being here ladies, you can now read (in all my articles) what the ‘Gentlemen’ is thinking ‘The Law of Attraction’; the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing. (This you could look up!)

The ‘ultra-slick’ sensible options outlined below have street cred- according to ‘The / A Gentlemen’ – and to show we care – have chosen some that will also get you through a hard active day on your feet. (however, we concentrate most on; what is the ‘sublime’; ‘

A Gentlemen Perspective‘.

There’s an option for everyone on my list. Keep reading to discover the most popular according to the ‘Gent’.

Do I love loafers! Is that a trick question of sort?. They are cool to wear with or without socks. I have babbled (In the right way) about this – casual style footwear, from the day I purchased my first ever pair: Shhh!… don’t ask me how long ago!.

Loafers – Style; If you are not quick, you’ve probably found out the hard way, that the very cutest, they mostly tend to be snapped up quickly. – in a lot of cases, a ‘loafer’ can look just as attractive on a womens foot as a high-heel. Treat your feet; see how that rhymed!.

Looking for a pair of sexy stylish casuals – that goes with practically everything; Then check out all the sleek pairs. (Below). There are made with 100 per cent patent leather otherwise – patent leather-suede mix otherwise. (wipe clean-able!)

The incredibly low height on all loafers – styles: Means comfort – stable to walk in: The silhouettes are – stylish – sexy – timeless – always on-trend.

‘I have raved enough’!.

We should look at shoes now, right!

I should stop talking, right!. OK; If you can, make yourself a drink! No matter where you all are; if not, sit back and relax.

Ladies if you are all ready, here we go, here we go, hear we go…..here we go!

The Gentlemen Perspective‘ – Loafer (Style) Shoes.

First up! – ‘Prohibition Is Over’!

Bass Weejuns - Two-Tone-Black & White-LoafersThe Bass Weejuns – Two-Tone – Black & White Loafers – How much space do you have it your flat/apartment, for these super two-tone – Bugsy Malone (gangster movie) style loafer, beautifully designed, with black tassel and high-quality white leather fringe. These exceptionally well constructed – comfortable – stylish – sole fully stitched, with black rubber top section, not forgetting the traditional stitched rear kicker. (Nominated ‘Best ‘Shoe’ in Movie’ at the Oscars by Miss. Al Capone)

Dune-Bertie-Goodwin-TanDune – Bertie – Goodwin Tan – These loafers scream ‘I am full of character’ – well-built. The women that wear these woven leather creations – slip-on design – classic saddle detail, with contrasting block heel;

She knows how to dress smartly; She is independent, She has spirit, (just like the shoes) in tune with life, She is carefree; She pursues out-door activities; She has a doggie called ‘Style’. (This woman probably lives in Suffolk, U.K.)

We are moving on up!

Moma-Nottingham-LoaferMona – Nottingham Loafer – Made in Italy, for ladies with the Midas touch – these Gold-tone leather ‘Moma’ feature a round toe, a toe strap with stitched panels – a very contemporary take on the classic (North American) moccasin. The branded insole adds a touch of comfort for all-day (‘Oddjob’) activities – low heel for stability (20mm) – with a very impressive metallic sheen – keep it simple, white shirt, black Capri pants, black v-neck Cardi. (This ‘Pussy Galore’ adoresJames Bond’ – Favourite film ‘Goldfinger‘)

‘I am in the mood for a good movie now, ladies!.

Dune-Glossy-Yellow-Leather-LoaferDune – Glossy Yellow Leather Loafer

They call me mellow yellow! I don’t care what you call me, but call me, and please be wearing these loafers when you turn up; No collection is complete until you add a classic ladies, these lightweight loafers.

Crafted from leather – with a monk strap and cushioned footbed for added comfort – a stylish perennial summer loafer. (This woman knows her ‘onions’ trust me.)

‘Steve’ (mate), have we found a movie to watch yet!?.

MSGM-Women's-Pink-Colour-block-LoaferMSGM – Women’s Pink Colour-block loafer – Ahhh!; MSGM’s offering highlights pink – yellow and white calf leather upper – the distinctive panelled colour block design is sumptuous;

With a round toe – branded insole – pinked edges – slip-on – and front penny strap. Verdict – Shoes for the women that have a dining room, but, likes to eat in the bedroom!, If you know what I mean? (Probably a ‘Sagittarius,’ always looking for the ‘bigger’ picture.)

Don’t be rattled by this snake!.

Isabel-Marant-Snakeskin-Effect-Penny-LoafersIsabel Marant – Snakeskin Effect Penny Loafers – Stop!; Look a beautiful snake to touch, and to ‘die’ for, wow – look no further, a pair of red and black snakeskin effect. This almond toe – slip-on style shoe feature a branded insole – a flat rubber sole – on-trend, (as many brands, like Russell & Bromley) collapsible heel – statement shoes – next-level street style at its best – Made in Italy. (T’hissss woman prefers ‘Blacks Mambas’; why! because once you go black, you never go back; what’s not to like!?.)

I Found the ‘2020’ movie ‘Snake Eyes‘ ‘Joe 90’!.

Ortona – Maine Snaffle Loafer

Maine-Snaffle-LoaferMade in Italy from incredibly soft, comfy uppers under heel padding – durable soles which give exceeding all-day comfort – a classic authentic perennial ladies design – matching stitching luxurious leather slip-on loafer – a very convenient option – traditional moccasin construction – average fit – a comfortable and practical top styling choice. (Shoes for the women that likes a good Indian, a good Italian, or a good Greek, she’s not fussy.)

Ahhh!… Speaking of good!; Up next!.

Sibari-Ladies-Orange-Suede-LoaferSibari – Ladies Orange Suede Italian Loafer – Ladies which came first, the colour of the fruit?; answer fruit!. Ladies, Orange has the energy of red and the happiness of yellow, filled with joy, the tropics and sunshine; it also represents creativity, fascination, success, harvest, and last but not the least attraction, yes attraction!. These shoes are contemporary classic an attractive -an every-day companion – remarkably durable soft and comfy – an ease to wear superior ‘tangy’ moccasin. (This woman is strong, sharp, has mouth-watering good taste, spicy delicious, with a pleasant aftertaste, trust me!.)

Hey Steve, about that film ‘Snake Eyes‘, a cool film man!. (It focuses on the origins of the character ‘ G.I. Joe)

Nine-West-Abay-Smoking-Flat-Loafer-Style-ShoeNine West – Abay Smoking Flat – Loafer Style Shoe – I have introduced these shoes as being Tinseltown ready; On the red carpet awaiting our viewing satisfaction –

(worn by shed loads of celebs) shops submerged with them, also magazines, are highlighting this pointy-toe – leg-lengthening Kit-Kats feline beauties.

Ladies the wild-child walks on the wild side, why not walk with him in these tantalizing teasers – an iconic slip-on-and-go design – on-trend; Crafted from the most beautiful quality leather. (Make these loafers your go-to companions, and you will find ‘Man Friday’ before ‘Saturday Night.) ‘Purrrrfect!.’ Ladies, our last shoe today, it’s been emotional!

Sam-Edelman-Embellished-Croc-Effect-Leather-LoaferSam Edelman – Embellished croc-effect leather loafer – These Sam Edelman loafers are another collapsible heel design;

Inspired by 30 years year’s experience as a cordwainer, a life well-lived, and travel; a splendid loafer for all-day wear, office, shopping or home – enter the fray with these no-fuss, retro, (moc-croc) nuevo-classic loafer – very stylish and comfortable. (4.5 out of 5 in ‘Gentlemen Perspective’ reviews.) (This woman will serenade you (where you live) at 4 am, even if you live in a tower block ten floors up.)

Well, there you are, it has been ‘amazing’ showing you around!

I look forward to hearing from you. I have shown you, a comprehensive, and an honest view of what a ‘Gentleman’ likes, in the way of what shoes women wear, and what does get their heart’s racing? – while having a bit of fun, ‘however’ my commitment to yourselves, regardless of creed – colour – gender or any other persuasion, is based solely, to help your search in finding the perfect ‘amazing shoes’, and getting, the best ‘amazing results.’

If you care to read my ‘About Me’ page, you will understand the whole story of ‘How’, ‘Joe 90,’ arrived here today.

Please, feel free to leave any comments, good, bad, or inquiries. Please, always measure your feet, so many people return shoes, all because they did not measure first, before purchasing

Joe 90


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