10 – Amazing – Women’s – Shoes – A Gentlemen Perspective

‘Well, hello,’ if this is your first time here, thanks for passing by; if you have been here before, I do appreciate the fact that you have come back, you ‘amazing shoe people,’ ‘just fab.’

Right, before I go any further, I would like to take some time out to thank a few people, that left me some ‘amazing’ and lovely comments in their posts. I will start in alphabetical order, ‘Ann,’ who said ‘Hi Joe,’ I like your site. It’s nice to have a gentleman perspective about our shoes, and wanted me to help her find a versatile pair of footwear, ‘Ann, sorry for not getting back to you, but if it is not too late, get back to me, and together we, will find those ‘amazing beauties’.

Next was ‘Evagreene’, Evagreene said, ‘Wow’, what an article we have here’? And that his brother, who is a shoe lover, he would tell him about, the most ‘amazing shoes’ he saw here. How could I possibly forget ‘Harish’, Harish said, your step by step guide is arresting on amazing shoes. And ‘Stephanie’ was glad, I had included a pair of boots in my article, and that, I was so honest about the ‘topic’,..well thank you, Stephanie, and thank you, Ann, Evagreene, Harish, ‘Shanta’ and of course Stephanie.

‘Shanta Rahman’ – Thank you, Shanta wrote a post nine lines long, Shanta said, first of all, thank you so much for sharing such an ‘excellent’ article with us, realistic (Woop, Woop, Woop) it was ‘informative’, she gained a lot of ‘knowledge’ from my article, she would be delivering my report to her friends, – my article made her happy, could she share my article on social media.


When looking to purchase anything, you mainly get what you pay for, right, ‘that’s right ‘Joe 90‘, ‘OK’, shoes are no different…’ OK’, so always remember, the 6 Things, when buying shoes-

Hand or Machine, The Type of Leather or Material – How they were assembled, put together – Adhesive / Glue – Construction / Stitching – (Toe-Shape – never to narrow – never too long – Uniqueness)


Today, we will be looking at all things ‘Chic‘ comfort, style, movement, not forgetting sex-appeal, the bit we ‘Gentlemen’ love etc.

As the ‘title‘ above states, I have picked ten pairs of ‘amazing’ shoes that get a gentleman’s racing and don’t worry ladies; your hearts will be ‘racing too’.

Heads up, no one, has paid me any sums of money, to write this article, (Independent) footwear chosen, is my view of what men, possess the ‘Law of Attraction‘.(You can start at any point, it does not matter, as you will find, my articles flow)

So, if you are all ready ‘Ladies, Let’s Go!’

‘Hi Come on in, you are all amazing.’

HUGO BOSS-'Broadway Sling'HUGO BOSS – ‘Broadway Sling’ These adorable – feminine – suede – 2+ inch heels – slingback pumps – Italian designed are fit and ready for a great night out dancing the night away, with ankle straps – comfortable – pointed-toed – adorned with a beautiful glitter and fabric upper – with leather lining – a very versatile shoe for the unassuming. (For The Private School Teacher)



AQUAZZURA-Fragolina Sandals 105'AQUAZZURA – ‘Fragolina Sandal 105’ I don’t know about you ladies but, I have just died and gone to heaven. I know you must be following, if these salacious creations, which are very alluring, have not made your mouth water ???? meticulously crafted – with 3-inch pin-thin heels – you will be walking tall; literally, Italian made – in jungle green suede – with slim ankle straps, oh!, did I mention free fruit at the open toe. (For The Women That Love Yogurt)




IVROSE-Snakeskin-Double Buckled At Side ShoesIVROSE – ‘Snakeskin’ – These doubled buckled at the ankle, snakeskin shoes – made for those carefree summer days down by the lake, were rated ‘5 stars’ in a ‘customer review’ darling, I have not compromised style for comfort or stiffness in movement – supple – made of polyester, don’t knock me for that, superb for the price, an excellent price, for 4-inch heels – still very much ‘on-trend’. (For the Woman that lives in the country-side, and runs the pub quiz)


Chicme - Colorblcok - Knitted -Breathable - SneakersCHICME – Colorblock Knitted Breathable Sneakers – In these little-upstarts, other women, will not only see you coming, but they will also hear you entering as well….but isn’t that what you want ? a colourful array of summer fusion, or for some, confusion. That said. However, people that purchased these noisy, but friendly, right up in your face (my son) sneakers found them comfortable, well constructed, (remember the rules) being healthy, not too narrow, too comprehensive, and, not too long’, perfect. Now for the weird stuff girls, in my survey, as loud as they are, (the sneakers) some men, found them to be attractive and sexually alluring, and would even wear them. (For the ‘Woman’ that owns a mirror)

NINE WEST Galena Healed Pump'sNINE WEST – Galena Healed Pumps – You only have to look at the swag on these (Excellent) rhinestone swanky, 9 – 5 pm, 4-inch heels – transparent with the ‘Lucite accent’ – reasonably priced pumps – with clear ankle straps – these pumps are a most sensible and smart purchase, a well-constructed bargain. (Shoes a ‘Social Worker’ / ‘Nurse’ might buy.)



IVROSE-Striped-Transparent-Pointer-Toe BootsIVROSE – I present these stunning ladies Striped -Transparent – Pointed-toe – (don’t hold me back) oddly comfortable enough – lightweight – ankle boots, ‘these boots are made for walking’ and moving fast these travellers, ‘and won’t be on the block for long – ‘Jenny’, Ladies if’, you like these and you are looking for more, check ‘Nasty Gal’ and MIM MIM. (Shoes for a ‘Sweet Heart’)



Miu- Miu- Embellished - ShoesMUI MUI Embellished Slingback Pumps – Adorned to the pointed-toe of these adorable and skillfully crafted ‘iconic’ pumps are jewels – ultra on-trend – mystical – magical – elegant – conjured up for the woman that wants to feel like a true ‘princess’ in every way, with a cut-away side, with a strap, not to mention the most beautiful heel, I mean, ‘just look’. Listen, if you are limited on funds, shop around for something similar, you may most certainly find your ‘prince charming.’ (Shoes for a Goddess)



Miu Miu - Embellished Slingback Pimps MYTHERESA – Sally Patent Leather Pumps – ‘Wow, ‘Wow,’ ‘Wow, ‘Wow,’ ‘Wow,’ ‘Wow,’ ‘Wow,’ Just look at the ‘anklet-style strap,’ that brings a fashion directional finish, to which I wanted to bring you ‘eyes’ to from the beginning, with leather upper, insole and sole, these stunningly glossy ‘red-leather devilish creations’ have the label’s signature rubber studs, which adds ultra-fine recognition to the shoes angular heel. (Shoes for ‘The Devil’s Daughter‘)



Burberry - sneakersBURBERRY – Sneakers – These super-fantastic ‘Sneakers’ combined with a low-top, these canvas and leather sneakers, afford a ‘premium feel,’ the ‘rebellion looking’ – ‘block style’ lettering ‘logo’ is very appealing and persuasive across the ‘signature’ upper, ‘heritage meets contemporary’ (Shoes for a Graffiti Artist)



BALENCIAGA - 'Knife'- Coated Denim - BB Slingback FlatsBALENCIAGA – Coated Denim BB Slingback Flats – Honestly ladies, as I have said, and repeat, I take my job very seriously, whether you are ‘tall’ ladies or ‘short,’ Balenciaga’s ‘Knife’ slingback flats are a ‘shoe lovers’s dream’, (and most men) fast becoming a ‘cult status’ shoe, that could be, a must-have in your collection. The glisten ‘BB’ logo’ and the sharpest of silhouettes at the uttermost toe-points are superb and glamorous, day or evening, are comfortable – wear with jeans – a very sought after pair of shoes. (‘Shoes for the Slick Woman‘)


Well, there you are, it has been ‘amazing’ showing you around. I look forward to hearing from you.

I have shown you, a comprehensive, and an honest view of what a ‘Gentleman’ likes, in the way of what shoes women wear, and what does get their heart’s racing? (MulesKittensHigh HeelsBlocksFlatsSandalsLoafersWedges – Evening – Dress, whatever?) while having a bit of fun, ‘however’ my commitment to yourselves, regardless of creed – colour – gender or any other persuasion, is based solely, to help your search in finding the perfect ‘amazing shoes’, and getting, the best ‘amazing results.’

If you care to read my ‘About Me‘ page, you will understand the whole story of ‘How’, ‘Joe 90’ arrived here today.

Please, feel free to leave any comments.

Joe 90

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