10 ‘Zodiac-Sign’ – Women’s – Loafer – Style – Shoes – A ‘Genltemen Perspective’


'Joe 90' ... amazingpeopleamazingresults.net‘Well hello’, If, this is your first time here, thanks for passing by if you have been here before; I have a shoe fetish!; apparently!

By now, if you have been following my articles, I inform on the shoes women choose to wear. Women always have thought about whether they; like adore (find attractive) ‘Gentlemen’ by their shoes.

How do you know so much, ‘Joe’ 90!; ‘I have a fair amount of females in my family’!. Well, ladies, I am now the ‘Euphonious’ voice of the ‘Gentlemen’; ladies, to inform you, the footwear women choose to wear, ‘Gentlemen also judge too.; Join the club Ladies.

We have a panel the ‘Gentlemen Perspective’, or the ‘GP’, that pick the ‘Women’s’ shoes, that they feel have the ‘Law of Attraction’. (It’s that simple!)

Let’s face it if we are going, being honest, just as some gentlemen, do wear some shocking footwear, (hell knows why the designers even put them together) so, do some women, trust me!. (It certainly is not a one-way road ladies. Ladies beware! (Very!)

Joe 90, and ‘The ‘GP’ pick the footwear that we feel women deserve to know, what ‘Gentlemen adore, and not what ‘Women’ feel are adorable!. (Like it or not!)

‘Well, surprise, surprise! Here at amazingpeopleamazingresults.net -; we talk, feel, we admire and love out of the world, great looking ladies shoe. (‘Whoopee!)

‘Before you start bashing Joe 90, and the ‘GP’, why not go to my comments page, and take a look at what, messages females have left, you, yourself, maybe very intrigued.

Things to look-out for, are the descriptions of the shoe, which women I/we feel – wear what footwear, and the type of women they maybe!. Take offence if you like, we don’t mean any harm, we just want to put a humorous spin on things. (Okay!.)

Shall we look at some shoes now, ladies! … Well, wait a minute; let me tell you the ‘Theme’ already!.

Ladies, it’s ‘Star-signs’ toady; Today it’s the colour ‘White’ and the style, ‘Loafer-Style’. (And maybe a boot!)

Come on, let’s go, ladies!

Here we go, here we go, here we go … here we …

Go to Blaze’s’!.

Spring-Bass-Weejuns-60s-Penny-Winkle-LoafersAries – 20/21 – March – 19/20 April – Spring Bass Weejuns – 60s – Penny – Wrinkle – Loafers – As usual a well-created retro loafer in white; a shoe to calm an ‘Ariens’ temper; distinctive crinkle leather; stays true to the traditional slip-on penny loafer style; the shoes have the retro penny apron detail; signature bit buckle; with a shiny 60s stylish patent upper, and vintage wood effect layered outsole; gel heel insert; and subtle contrast stitch detailing.

The women that wear these shoes; are stubborn, fierce warriors; very competitive; need to calm down a little; brave independent; do not like clingy people; they can be hot-heeded, but lovable; yet restless, sometimes reckless;

do not accept a lift home from an ‘Arien’, then disagree on the way home; you will get let out at the next junction, and you will have to walk back. (Perfect partners – A ‘Fire-fighter’, or ‘Lady Gaga’)

If I can’t have you, I don’t want nobody baby, If I can’t have you, no, no, no!.

‘You are a ‘Bully’!.

Marc-Joseph-Park-Avenue-Mule-White-NapaTaurus 19/21 April – 20/21 May – Marc Joseph – Park Avenue Mule – White – Napa – Ladies really, look at these unique on-trend versatile mule;

offers effortless slip-on simplicity and unmatched casual luxury; crafted from smooth, buckle detailing keeps these shoes looking timeless; contemporary soft ‘Kid’ Napa.

These mules/loafer-style offerings provide comfort, and the elevated heel, adds support; grab yourself a pair of white jeans, beautiful buckle belt, and crisp black shirt. The ‘Women’ that wear these shoes; are leaders focused, independent and driven, successful, often amounting great wealth; they like the more beautiful things in life; are rooted and earthy nurturers.

The name ‘Taurean’, is typically ‘American’, meaning bull-like; it takes time to seduce a ‘Taurian’; no push-overs; job or special relationship, tend to be in for the long-haul. The downside, however; on occasions, they may neglect their private lives and relationships. (Perfect partners – ‘Matadors’, or Cate Blanchett)

Ella te dira, viva la Vida Loca!; She’s livin’ la Vida Loca!.

Twin Peaks!.

Prada-Flat-Logo-Print-Textured-Leather-LoaferGemini – 20/22 May – 20/21 June – Prada – Flat Logo-print textured-leather loafer – These shoes are total show-offs; having its woven signature garment label, usually sewn inside; on the outside;

optic white, crafted from superior textured leather, a slip-on with quite a neat square toe; and a heel high of 10mm/0.5. The ‘Women’ that wear these shoes can talk themselves, in and out, of the most foot-in-the mouth situations;

as they shift so fast, to worry about embarrassing moments,

and most often move on;

often misrepresented as two-faced;

they are social butterflies, indulging in happy-hours, music, parties, and dance floors;

playful, humorous; and intellectually curious; pioneering, innovative, creative projects; rarely have hidden agendas; they can talk the back legs off a horse. (Perfect partners – A ‘Double Mirror’, or alternatively ‘themselves’.)

(‘Girl in the Mirror’ – Britney Spears – 2000) – Ladies, ‘There’s a girl in the mirror!. ‘I wonder who she is’ …

She caught ‘Crabs!.

Doratemur - Groupie - White - Leather - Mules -Cancer – 20/21 June – 22 July – Doratemur – Groupie – White – Leather – Mules – There’s nothing ‘crabby about these optic white kitten heels mules; made with textured-leather, a slip-on, with a square-cut vamp; and elongated pointed toe.

The ‘Women that wear these shoes; are highly intuitive, are compassionate, and know what you are thinking; can be perceived as distant and cold on first meeting them, so it may take a while to get to know them. These women are great hosts; they love to create cosy, safe places as their sanctuaries and love comfort food and free-flowing beer.

When they are feeling down, it may be hard to find out what is wrong with them; however, if you can achieve this, you will have a long life friend; These women would make great mothers; they care about family and are quick to adopt caregiver rules.

They don’t like conflict choosing to walk at an angle, however, be warned, do not cross or hoodwink these women as; they are dangerous, and can be moody; they kill for love, and kill for hate; Loyal, and expect the same with bells on, written in blood; there is no escape, this could be seen as clingy.; beautiful people to have in your life; but, hard to get rid of them; they wear their heart on their sleeve. (Perfect partners – Roasted Asparagus; Brussels Sprouts; Sweet Potato Fritters; and Risotto Cakes.)

‘Heart on My Sleeve’ – Gallagher & Lyle – 1976

I am a Lion!. – (Neil Diamond – 1970)

Fendi-Promenade-Leather-Slingback-Pumps-Leo – 22 July – 22 August – Fendi – Promenade leather slingback pumps – Grrr! … Let me get my hands on you! These modern and nostalgic ‘Cats’, created from croc-effect leather, an exceptional riveted block heels, and a gold ‘Fendi (FF) Baguette-buckled straps; will pair with other ecru colours.

These ‘Women are enthusiastic, and confident, however, can come across as attention seekers, and arrogant.; and worry a little too much, about what people think of them. Another trait is that; Leo women are very passionate and believe in absolute mutual respect; prone to jealousy; can be possessive, and have a dominant nature.

Never expect to be put before themselves, as they are self-centred; and impatient, as they want it now, ‘I said now’!.

You will have to put up with these women’s ego, (which they love being stroked) (better-left unchallenged); stable and committed; as they are a proud bunch. Loyalty is not something to worry about; they are a ’till death, do we part’ set. (Perfect partners – ‘The Tin Man’ – And a ‘Scarecrow’, or anyone called ‘Dorothy’) -The ‘Wizard of Oz’ – 1939

Follow the ‘Yellow Brick’ Road, follow the yellow brick road!.

Like a Virgin! … At 61?.

Prada-Leather-Slingback-PumpsVirgo – 23 – August – 22 September – Prada – Leather – Slingback – Pumps – A modern and retro feel for you ladies, with these white lamb leather pumps; very on-trend, look at the beautiful square toe; crafted with sturdy block heels; with the brands signature on the upper; positive shoes for a wedding; made in Italy.

Shoes for a loyal women, who are hard-working; a meticulous perfectionist. Their weaknesses are shyness, worry; and being oh-so! over critical of self, and others.

The ‘Virgo woman like healthy food, animals, nature, books, and cleanliness; a deep sense of humanity makes the single-minded dedicated Virgo’ one of the most careful star signs;

being very methodical, practical, conservative; Thoughtful, well organised, in their lives;

Virgo’s, tend to leave nothing to chance, paying attention to the finer details; always worried, that they missed a feature, impossible to mend. (That no one else cares about!.) The name Virgin fits well; born with a feeling that every experience, for the better part, is for the very first time.

(Perfect partners – Mop, Bucket, Ironing Board, First-Aid Kit, and a Road Map.)

‘The First Time, I Ever Saw Your Face’ … 

‘I thought the ‘Sun’ rose in your eyes’ … Roberta Flack – 1969

The Balance – John Kay & Steppenwolf – The Balance – 1982

A Balancing Act, Eh!.

Roger-Viver-Belle-Leather-LoaferLibra – 22/23 September – 22/23- October – Roger Viver – Belle Viver – Leather – Loafer Pumps – Sexy, glamorous, sophisticated, detailing and style from Roger Viver, in ivory white leather; square toe, with straps across the vamp, with the label’s signature; golden buckles, finished off with, minimal block heels.

These ‘Women’ are not full of hot ‘Air’, in fact, ‘Librans’, are quite cool people, calculating, and charming; they like sharing, undoubtedly quick in the humour department, which makes them (fantastic) great diplomatic people to have around. Librans, balance their lives by, keeping everything around them, on a harmonious par; fair-minded, and social, loving the outdoors, like a Leo!.

If there is one thing Librans hate; mess, chaos, injustice and violence; preferring, tidy and orderly;

Librans make excellent lovers; they love art; beauty; beautiful things, all the finer things in life; and pleasure.

However, this could be seen as self-indulgence; as, if it looks good, it’s good, okay!. Commitment is hard, and they believe life is a bed of roses; sometimes their partners, friends and family, would rather, a visit to the dentist, than being around them!.

(Perfect partners – A ‘Fish carrying a pair of Scales)

To Many Fish In Sea! … Phil Collins – 1983 – I said there are short one’s, tall ones, fine ones, kind ones …

There’s a Sting in This Tale!.

Ted-Baker-Aidiil-LoafersScorpio – 22/24 October – 21 November – Ted Baker – Aidiil – Loafers – A slip-on, that folds down at the heel; mild-mannered, stylish, versatile, and comfortable. The perfect companion for those full all-day activities; the embossed croc detailing is contemporary, fits well with jeans, pencil trousers, or even skirts; the soles rubber and low heel finish off this pair.

Even I know there will be a sting in the ‘tale’ of an actual person born under the sign of a Scorpion; A water sign; The ‘Women that wear these shoes are considered brave, passionate, resourceful, stubborn, and a true friend; if they find you honest and fair.

Scorpions, here’s the sting in the ‘tail’; and you thought I had spelt tail wrong above, silly, can be distrusting, jealous, secretive, and here it comes, violent; got ya!; another occasion, that sting could have been fatal; they can fight to the death if wronged or betrayed.

These women like the truth, first-class passion; as intimacy is all so vital to them; they like practical jokes, being truthful, and being factual; on the other hand, they dislike dishonesty; or people letting their secrets out of the bag, and passive people. Once in love, they are dedicated and faithful to the task. (Perfect partner- Spider-man, or he’s ‘Sister’, The ‘Black Widow Spider)

(Spider-man – 2002)


Gucci-White-Jordan-Embroidered-Leather-LoaferSagittarius – 22 November – 21 December – Gucci – White – Jordan – Embroidered – Leather – Loafer – Here ‘Gucci reminds us of the 70s, with this distinctive ‘bee’ and ‘star’ symbol motif loafer;

white with gold embroidered pattern adorns these shoes; with a horse-bit, equestrian look and silhouette; indeed, these loafers are unique.

These shoes are worn by generous women, idealist, with a great sense of humour and an intense curiosity; The ‘Sagittarian’ can over-commit or over-promise; can be impatient; single-minded;

and can spout off at the mouth, (say anything) no matter how bad they may sound, so watch out!

Like most people they like the outdoors; the ‘Archer’ sign suits their restless personality nature they want freedom to move effortlessly;

being big on travel, searching for the meaning of life, big on thinking, less on feeling; with a dose of philosophy thrown in for good measure.

If you are clingy, like a ‘Cancer’ sign, you will not be well come, as they do not like to be constrained, or bossed around.

Being extroverts, (they are never dull) they want and like change, as their enthusiasm is boundless; this can be seen in the bedroom; which means that they will have fun, their relationship seen like a rollercoaster ride, with their partners. (Perfect partner – A ‘Bow & Arrow’) or Alternatively, Robin Hood.)

The Golden Arrow – 1936 (Movie)

‘You Old Goat’

Dune-Govenn-White-Woven-Saddle-Strap-LoaferCapricorn – 22 December – 19/20 January – Dune – Govenn – White – Woven – Saddle – Strap – Loafer – Very bright, and oh-so-light, these loafers are bound to brighten your life (a ‘Sagittarian would love and adore!), and daffodils won’t mind you treading all over them. These loafers are so ‘Airey’, created from super soft leather, and contrasting stacked block heel, and classic saddle strap detailing.

The ‘Women that wear these shoes are all family, tradition, music, (but you would not want them at your party) are responsible, disciplined, good at managing people, (employees) and masters of great self-control, however;

they do not like to be made fun of and will hunt you down if undermined. (Ego status applies here)

They never forgive, very rooted; determined to show how they are put together.

However, these unforgiving, (know how they want people to behave) and condescending, know-it-alls; like family, anything made to the highest standard, and at the same time, hate everything equally tomorrow.

Capricorns, are ‘ambitious’ and determined by nature, preferring to stick to the rules, are very business-like, independent, and authentic representatives of their sign, which enables significant progress through personal, and professional life. (‘Workaholics’)

They are possessed with proven leadership skills and, learn from their mistakes, to get them to the top; Capricorns, (are good with money) will always get what they set out to do, based solely by sheer, experience and expertise. (Perfect partners – ‘Judge Judy’, or Alternatively A Farmer, with a pond)

‘A Hard Day’s Night’ – The Beetles – 1964

Water, Water, Everywhere!.

Coach-Women's-Helena-C-Chain-Leather-ChalkAquarius – 20/21 January – 18/19 February – Coach – Women’s – Helena C Chain – Leather – Chalk – This delightful slip-on are straight from the stable of Coach’s SS /20 collection. These loafers, designed from premium leather, and a luxuriously smooth finish; and almond toe, feature a tan hue lining, with the brands signature ‘C’ motif, embellished with a gold-tone curb chain in the centre of the vamp, a slightly stacked; and tonal stitching throughout. ‘C’ for ‘Chic’!. Rated 5 out of 5 by The ‘GPP’, The ‘Gentlemen Perspective Panel’.

The ‘Women’ that wear these shoes; are sheer rebels at heart, despise authority, being ordered around, and conventionality.

Aquarians are free-spirited shy energetic eccentric ‘soles’, ‘ha’, ‘ha’, notable by their oddball fashion sense, weird hobbies, and nonconformist ways; They’re deep, revolutionary forward-thinking, progressive, independent, most (original) humanitarian astrological sign; and feel the world has endless possibilities;

would turn their backs on emotional (feelings) expression, are inflexible, aloof and particularly uncompromising. (Obstinate!)

Aquarians are the new ‘Millenniums’, and they are keen on making the world a better place;

they are freedom fighters, power to the people type, approve fighting good causes, changing the world; are good listeners, and have a social conscience; want things for the best for everyone; good friends always surround them.

Aquarians, know precisely where they want to be in five to ten years from now and need to be alone from everything from time-to-time to recharge; a firm believer in the self; they can come across as self-righteous (Detached)

These women dislike broken promises, get bored if situations are dull and boring. Aquarians do not like limitations, striving to achieve equality, freedom of speech and movement; have a reputation for being cold and insensitive; a defence against premature intimacy; they need to learn to trust. (Perfect partners – ‘Ganymede’, or Alternatively ‘Mount Olympus’.)

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell – 1967 or Alternatively – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Diana Ross – 1970

I’ll be there, in a hurry,

On that, you can depend, and never worry,

No wind, (No wind)

No rain, (No rain)

Nor winter’s cold!.

Gone Fishing!

Santoni-Tassel-Detail-Loafer-Pisces – 19/20 February – 19/20 March – Santoni – Tassel-Detail – Loafers – Now shoe a little ‘compassion’ for these ‘artistic’ gentle white calf tassel-detail loafers; may be made for a Piscean?; feathering a striking silhouette; pointed-toe; leather lining; a branded insole and low heel; every detail has been considered in the creation of these sober, (Pisces looking/feeling loafers) charismatic offerings. Do you feel inspired?. (Masters of Illusion?)

These shoes are worn by the intuitive, gentle, selfless wise romantic. The Piscean likes music, visual media and the arts. To keep fit, swimming, and spiritual things like ‘Yoga’; and being alone, and sleeping; fears, of being a victim; martyr; being unhappy, and dislike know-it-alls; criticism, the past, coming back to haunt them, and cruelty. (Flakey, wearing rose-tinted glasses people?.)

Pisceans are ever so friendly; they have empathy, feelings, (which defines these ladies)

and possess a sizeable emotional capacity, being, they achieve the best loving relationships; compassionate, caring, and faithful, they also capture the actual quality of music early on, in junior years. (Going in deep!)

These women are wise; they are the type to always measure their feet/shoe size, before ordering online, so as, not to return. Not being judgemental is a trait, of the Piscean, and add forgiving, as they are a most tolerant of all the zodiac signs. (Perfect partners – Five Loaves, or Alternatively – A portion of fries.)

‘Come on ‘Neptune’, let’s go for a swim! Last one in is a … ‘Kipper’!.

I have shown you, a comprehensive, and an honest view of what a ‘Gentleman’ likes, in the way of what shoes (‘loafers’) styles women wear, and what gets their hearts racing?; While having a bit of fun.

‘However’, my commitment to yourselves, regardless of creed – colour – gender or any other persuasion, is solely, to help your search in finding the perfect ‘amazing shoes’, and getting, the best ‘amazing results’.

If you care to read my ‘About Me’ page, you will get the whole story of, how ‘Joe 90” arrived here today.

Please, feel free to leave any comments; and be lucky!

Joe 90


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  1. Hey Mr 90 What a interesting article… I love the way you have focused not only on the shoe in question but also the kind of lady that would wear them based on her star sign… a good division and very well written.
    You could be the new Astrologer/Zodiac reader of the 20s Mr 90.
    Nice, keep the good work coming…
    R outy ✊?

    1. Hi Roy,
      I am very happy you like the Star-sign article, I shall keep the good work going, and ‘Roy’ you never know about the ‘AstrologY’ reading thing!.

      Thanks again,

      Joe 90

  2. Roy says:


    1. Hi Roy,


      Joe 90

  3. Shawn D says:

    Joe’ 90 what a great article. I agree that the ladies may not know what men think of their shoes. As a September guy, I prefer the confident shoe presented there, but also like the August shoe for the boldness and shaping. I hope the ladies appreciate your words! Which one was your favorite?

    1. Joe 90 says:

      Hi Shawn,

      Thanks for the feedback; My favourites are ‘September’; Like you, I am ‘Virgo’

      Thanks again

      Joe 90

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