10 Loafer – Style Women’s Shoes – ‘A Gentlemen Perspective’


‘Well hello’, If, this is your first time here, thanks for passing by if you have been here before;’ I,’ do appreciate the fact that you have come back, you ‘amazing shoe people,’ ‘just fab.’

Not realising the love affair I would have with women shoes – which is now a fetish, (I will admit) and a hobby.

How women always have thought about whether they like / fancy (find attractive) ‘gentlemen’ by their shoes. I am now the euphonious voice of the ‘Gentlemen’; ladies, to inform you the footwear women choose to wear ‘Gentlemen also judge too.; Join the club Ladies.

What is the perfect pair of ‘Loafers‘ you ask;

loafers are versatile – comfortable – classic – traditional – stylish – relaxed even wear at home; handy – fit enough to pair with most things – they look great with skirt- shorts – jeans – almost anything in your closet, even dresses

While thousands of shoes claim to be super comfy; Some footwear; boots, for instance, can be uncomfortable on warmer on summer days.

Ladies, besides spending money on ‘heavy, clammy’ boots, there are ‘hundreds’ of stylish shoes out there (Flats – Pumps – High-Heels – Mules – Boots – Sandals – even beautiful loafers-styles shoes. It is not like the old days when people were limited in there choices’.

Ladies, there’s an option for everyone on my list. The interest in ‘loafer shoe styles’; will be enormous, very – on-trend for 2020 – 2021.

A trendy footwear; with roots from as way back as, the ‘North Americans’ – comfort being the all-important priority; Keep reading to discover the most popular, according to the ‘Gentlemen’. Bass Weejun and Gucci attributed with making and keeping these super casual shoes fashionable and timeless.

Loafers – Style; If you are not quick, you’ve probably found out the hard way, that the very cutest, they mostly tend to be snapped up quickly. – in a lot of cases, loafers can look just as attractive on a womens foot as a high-heel. Your feet are not meat; see how that rhymed!.

The incredibly low height on all loafers – styles; Means comfort – stable to walk in; The silhouettes are – stylish – sexy – timeless – always on-trend.

‘I have raved enough’!.

We should look at shoes now, right!

I should stop talking, right!.

OK; If you can, fix a drink,! No matter where you all are; if not, sit back and relax.

As the ‘title’ above says, I have picked ten pairs of amazing (loafer-style) shoes, that gets ‘gentlemen’ hearts racing, and don’t worry ladies,

I have taken quality – comfort – style – street-cred – sex-appeal into consideration – even the kitchen sink!.

Today you lucky lovely ladies it’s all things’ loafer style, so if you are ready ladies ‘ let’s go’, ‘here we go, here we go, here we go… here we;…

Givenchy-double-G-loafersGivenchy – Mystic double-G Loafers – Twinkle, twinkle little star; I don’t have to wonder what you are; ‘Hollywood’, red carpet, ‘Tinseltown’ darling!. This silver-tone – patent leather superstars, breaking box office records, very cinematic, created with metallic sheen effect – gold-tone double-G applique, a slip-on style, with branded insole, and low heel. The women that wear these loafers are very keen gardeners, like to sit on a couch, from the glamour of their conservatory staring at the excellent Vaseline ‘sheen’ pristine bush, cultivated in the front garden.

‘Rose’s are red, my love; violets are blue; sugar is sweet my love, but not as sweet as… ‘Joe 90’, so there!.

Nicholas-Kirkwood-18mm-Beya-LoafersNicholas Kirkwood – 18mm ‘Beya’ Loafers – Bang – crash – wallop, back again for another season, signature flats. The distinctive Nicholas Kirkwood design with a sculpted metallic heel. These soft blue leather art deco – timeless – chic – pointed toe has a traditional pull-on tab, Made in Italy – ‘fully functional’ – fun. (Women that wear these shoes (probably) hangout at ‘Madam Emilia’s’ – ‘French Dominatrix School’, Paris.) ooh, la la.

Why do birds suddenly appear; every time you are… ‘Come on, ladies, you all know this one! ‘Just like me, they long to be close to…

Thom-Browne-Pebbled-Leather-Penny-LoafersThom Browne – Pebble Leather Penny Loafers – Dressed up, going to meet people; going to meet people in cities, type shoes. The clean, minimalist design defines (captures) the superb ‘American’ labels attention to detail and craftsmanship. These loafers feature a traditional striped pull-up tab, with a square toe, and brogue detailing. (Shoes for women, that can beat any FBI lie detector, when she arrives home at 6 am on a Sunday.)

SteveC, has just turned up; hi ladies!; hiJoe 90′!;… hiSteve.’

Moving on to the fourth shoe Steve, you have missed three thus far!

Dorateymur-Red-Han-23-Snake-Brooch-Suede-LoaferDorateymer – Red Han 23 Snake Brooch Suede Loafers

Oh, my daysladies, dinky, dinky, donky, donky! Yes!

I know, absolutely gorgeous these slip-on loafers!, they have a cinematic feel about them, the signature sculptural shoe silhouettes, (made for hopeful romantics) crafted in brilliant red suede, with an ornate silver-tone, snake embellished brooch, they have a very nostalgic look about them; a square toe and low block heel completes the design. (Could these shoes have been made for women called ‘Eve’? Who have partners called ‘Adam’, … Note, message for all ‘Adams’, If you do decide to go on a romantic date, with this woman called ‘Eve‘; If she pulls out an apple, and says, take a bite, shouttaxi‘! And gethell out ofEdenquick!.

Dorateymur-Black-Harput-LoafersDorateymer – Harput Loafers – These Sexy, Seductive, Stylish, (for the temptress) suede and metal – squared toed – slip-on branded insole – with a simple low block, have a very salacious (look up; salacious) vibe going on here. The wearer of these shoes have a dark-side – are suggestive – erotic – risque – corrupting – hard-core – they will have you doing all things inappropriate. (These women have probably worked withMadam Emilia‘ – French Dominatrics School, to give their careers a boost)

We wantSteve‘, we wantSteve‘, we wantSteve‘, we want ‘Steve‘, … ‘Hit me, baby, one moreOuch!.

Tod's-T-plaque-loafersTods – T-Plaque Loafer – Join the next Nude-‘pink’ generation stars. In demand and very influential; creamy soft suede leather; (been to flamingo heaven lately?) gold-tone logo plaque; round toe; branded insole and flat heel; slip-on loafer. (Probably shoes for the feminist, no spliff, no butts, no babies!)

Come onSteve‘, got any tunesOK, just for you, ladies.

You’ll never get to ‘eaven if you break my da, da, da, So be very careful not to make da, da, da… ( Dionne Warwick – 1964 / The Stylistics – 1973.)

L'Autre-Chose-contrasting-toe-loafersL’Autre Chose – Contrasting Toe Loafer – An excellent combination; Noir et ‘Blanche’, patent chaussures, slip-on style, featuring a square toe; flat heel and a leather sole. ca n’a pas d’importance, si vous etes noir ou blanc, je taime ‘Micheal Jackson’, et j’aime mes chaussures. (Women that wear these shoes are, bad, got to be starting something, off the wall, 1,2,3, it’s easy as, a, b, c, … that!)


Daniel-Carwell-Leopard-Calf-Hair-LoafersDaniel Carwell – Leopard Calf Hair Loafers – Ladies walk like an ‘Angel’ – (‘Elvis  Presley’ – Devil in Disguise – 1963), in this comfortable everyday statement style loafer; crafted from bright, (cat-fight) bold leopard-print, calf leather upper; simple sophistication – leather piping – low heel – man-made sole, want to get noticed this season, you will be!. (These women, seem to find partners that always put their foot in it – someone should tell him to stop it, and pull his finger out.)

Ladies, ‘I am hopelessly devoted to you!’… (Olivia Newton-John- 1978)

Rosetta-Getty-Slip-on-square-toe-loafersRosetta Getty – Slip-On – Square – Toe Loafer – Ahhh, Light, Bright and extremely White; this calf leather upper, slip-on square-toe lollipops, hmmm! The perfect dirty ‘Diana’ style silhouette – on-trend timeless – innate sensuality. (The women that wear these shoes, hate their partners watching ‘porn’, they find it hard to swallow!)



Bally-Women's-White-Janelle-Buckle-LoafersBally – Women’s White Janelle Buckle Loafer – Exquisite craftsmanship, these black leather shoes have a timeless charm; feathering a low heel, slip, micro stud details; a traditional signature striped ‘Bally’ strap; an almond toe; gold buckle detail. (The women that wear these shoes adore Evel Knievel – They both fit well together, as they both like pulling (One another’s) stunts; if you get what I mean!?.)

I have shown you, a comprehensive, and an honest view of what a ‘Gentleman’ likes, in the way of what shoes (loafers) styles women wear, and what gets their hearts racing? While having a bit of fun,

‘however’, my commitment to yourselves, regardless of creed – colour – gender or any other persuasion, is solely, to help your search in finding the perfect ‘amazing shoes’, and getting, the best ‘amazing results’.

If you care to read my ‘About Me’ page, you will get the whole story of, how ‘Joe 90” arrived here today.

Please, feel free to leave any comments.

Joe 90


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    1. Hi Roy,

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