’10 Amazing – Comfy – Snug – ‘Hammer Toe’ Shoes – A Women’s Perspective

‘OK’, you may be only looking to learn something, about the physical symptom – mental – medical – features, of living with ‘Hammer Toe‘. Now, listen my ‘amazing ladies’, I promise I will not bore you, with overwhelming paragraphs that go on, and on, and you get very bored or fall asleep, Nah!, (I will keep it short, as possible) giving only the good stuff, what you need to know. So, what is ‘Hammer Toe’ Joe 90?.

The Symptoms of, ‘Hammer Toe’, (Hallux Abductovalgus with bunion) may also be associated with other foot deformities, like big toe that deviated or under the second toe. Treatment For Hammer Toe: Falls into non-surgical and surgical categories – can cause discomfort when walking, and pain when you try to stretch or move the affected toe or those near it. (Hammer Toe – Symptoms: may be mild or severe.)

Mild Symptoms: A toe that bends downward – corns or calluses – (on top of the middle joint of the hammertoe) difficulty walking – and inability to flex your foot or wiggle your toes. (claw-like toes)

Severe Symptoms: In severe cases, open sores may become infected, signs include ‘pus’ – redness in the skin around/on the toe/sore or develop a fever – see an orthopaedic surgeon or podiatrist right away.

A doctor commonly diagnoses hammer toe during an exam. The doctor may gently move the foot and toe to cause symptoms to occur; this helps the doctor to evaluate the condition of the toe thoroughly.

Do not let the problem go untreated, (waiting too long to seek treatment) can cause surrounding toes to become deformed, as the hammer toe forces them out of position. (After however, if you do need treatment, the cause of your hammertoe, usually disappears without complications, OK, so what causes/creates a hammertoe, Joe 90?.)

Hammer, claw, and mallet toes, materialise from an imbalance in the muscles surrounding the middle toe joint, where ligaments some causes of ‘hammer toe’ are avoidable.

Two joint – bent into an odd position in your toe, which allow it to turn,

One of the three middle toes, become flexed at the middle joint and bend downward (even when barefoot), nearest the tip of the toe, reasons such as a traumatic toe injury, (broken, stubbed, or jammed, it may be more likely to develop hammertoes –

arthritis – diabetes – an unusually high foot arch – wearing impractical footwear – tightened ligaments in the foot – places pressure in the area, which is when your big toe points inwards towards your second toe. Claw toe, often affects the four smaller toes, at the same time, the toes bend up (even when barefoot) at the joint, where the toes and the foot meet.

Pain, Hammer Toe, and Plantar Fasciitis: It is usually the first thing in the morning, as you get up, and start to move, that you feel pain. The pain decreases, however, but may return, when you stand up [after sitting], or have been standing, following long periods. The people most prone – the overweight – runners – those who wear negligible footwear, have an increased possibility of hammertoe. (After exercise, pain is usually worse, not during.)

As the ‘title’ above states, I have picked 10 ‘Amazing’ Comfy – Snug – Hammer Toe – Shoes’,

I have taken quality – comfort – stability – style – durability and even, value for money, into consideration, you can start at any ‘shoes’, it does not matter, as you will see my articles flow.

So, if you are all ready ‘ladies’, ‘let’s go’.

Here we go’, ‘Here we go’, ‘Here we go’,………’HERE WE GO’.

Right, from the beginning, there are ‘hundreds’ of stylish shoes out there, it is not like the old days when people were limited in their choices. As I could not possibly put ever single feature, (such-as, tags, like, ‘Cloudfoam’, ‘Eva Sole’, ‘Pillars’ ‘Technology’, ‘N’Durance’, ‘Light-Weight’, ‘Mc Pod’, ‘Injected’, ‘Traction’) Note that, ‘all shoes’, in my article, conform to the treatment and prevention of hammertoe.

”Orthofeet – Verve – Women’s – Athletic – Shoes – (Tie- Less Lace) Orthofeet Verve – Women’s Athletic Shoe- These sneakers host an array of features, breathable – ergonomic sole – vital shaped orthotic insole – arch support – deep heeled cup.’ Light-weight upper’ – non-binding to ease pressure on the foot – ‘elastic strap at the heel’ – extra foam padding in the top for added comfort and protection.

These shoes help to improve overall body alignment, posture and stability, added to this, is the seamless design, with soft lining and extra foam – ‘A5500 Coded’ – perfect for the gym and workouts at home – a ‘roomy toe box’ area minimises discomfort from a variety of foot problems. (Slick Shoes)

Orthofeet – Coral – Women’s – Athletic – ShoeOrthofeet Coral – Women’s Athletic Shoe – Note from the top, ‘A5500 Coded’ offers marvellous protection against your feet’s pressure points-

Anatomical arch support – soft lining – orthotic footbed – exceptional breathability – super comfortable – cutting edge – packed with features, a fabulous running shoe, with good looks, exciting, stylish summer firecracker, that will blow you away, what more do you want, eh?

For instance, usually wearing ‘High-Heels’, is an ‘abnormal’ function, which can pinch the nerves linking toes, causing pain and discomfort – bones squeezing a nerve between the third and fourth metatarsal heads, the outcome is:

After a long day at or a night of dancing, these activities place notable pressure on the forefoot area, so walking, jumping and even sprinting, become a problem.

I have ’10 Amazing’ Sexy Snug Hammer Toe Shoes.

That would be an appropriate fit, and for other symptoms, – (Plantar Fasciitis, Bunions – Morton’s Neuroma, Diabetic / Neuropathy – Hammertoe / Mallet Toe – Claw Toe – Flat Feet) and many more, ‘phew’. There are more things you could do to look out for when buying shoes; however, I will come on to that next.

Alegria Paloma Gypsy Rose (Velcro Shoe) Oh!, look what we have here Ladies, a pair of ‘Vincent van Goghs’, a classic masterpiece, what a picture, these colourful iconic – padded leather shoes, with cushioning around the back of the ankle – excellent arch support – anti-slip classic rocker sole unit – promotes posture – gait – natural stable walking motion, which reduces stress on muscles, heels and toes – removable – (cork) – replaceable insole – memory foam – supports the feet with the anatomically correct footbed, which mould to your feet, don’t forget to hang them on the wall, before you go to bed. (4 – 5 out of 5 in my opinion)

Drew – Smiles – Women’s – Casual – ShoeDrew – Women’s Casual Shoe – These Sneakers make the feet, and you look good, leaving others in the dust, sturdy, a most comfortable durable shoe/sandal, looks good with any choice of attire, adjustable back strap-

A5500 Coded‘, suitable for people with diabetic and orthodontic concerns, (arch support / removable footbed) who struggle with lower backpressure, walk with confidence – even on uneven surfaces, flexible polyurethane outsole, durable, comfortable, timeless, casual lifestyle shoe. (Is it a shoe, is it a sandal, Steve?.)

Risk Factors – Age:

‘Hammer Toes’ – are progressive – worsening over time – if not swiftly, the toe joint may become fixed and require surgery to straighten it – Is most common between the ages 40 – 60 years old – certain types of activities – long distance-running, aerobic and ballet dancing – could most-certainly contribute to ‘hammer toe’ – flat feet – high arch – an abnormal walking pattern, can affect weight distribution, when standing, putting an uneven stress on toes.

I do not want to labour too much on obesity or even being obese, just to say, excess pounds do put unwanted weight on the hammer toe, let alone, jobs that keep you on the feet, most of the day as ‘police’, ‘teachers’, and ‘factory workers’, ‘retail staff’, can cause hammertoe.

Birkenstock – Boston Suede – Women’s Black Chunky Clogs – Tell me the truth! can you see the ‘teeth’ on these clogs? (look side-on) chunky and funky, more house party, than, cocktail party, with ‘ultra-luxe’ look, soft suede upper, with adjustable strap, breathable, sporting- ‘Papillio’s chunky sole, and distinctive tread, (Teeth?) a raised toe bar, that supports the gripping function of your feet, and anatomically correct footbed. (Hunky Dory, Morning Glory)

JD-Williams-Leather-Touch-and-CloseJD Williams – Leather Touch and Close – Women’s Walking Shoe – Sure to put a smile on your face, these multicoloured shoes, [and will put a spring in your step] soft uppers allows comfort, right toe box, light-weight, flexible sole, complete with touch and close bar, just the job for a first-class walking experience, sturdy, unusual, good value for money. (Dainty, everyday wear)

Hammer Toe Surgery: The aim, to re’ position the toe – realign tendons – remove deformed or injured bone, (outpatients) procedures carried out the same day, individuals ordinarily able to go home. The more a person with hammertoe wears improper footwear, and the more likely the toe will require surgery to release the tendons, that is preventing your toe from lying flat, and there are cases – where a surgeon might remove a piece bone to straighten a toe.

Sometimes a ‘cortisone’ injection may be given by a doctor to relieve pain.

Moreover, do not pop any blisters that might occur on foot, as this could lead to severe infection. Even after treatment, ‘hammer toe’ may return, if people choose unsuitable footwear.

Toffein -‘FlexiKlog Clogs’ – These superb Clogs fit everyone, superior all-day clog, significant for nursing staff professionals, with a built-in arch and slightly raised heel, to keep your body aligned, in a correct position, easy on the eye, comfy and light-weight, ergonomically designed, stylish, easy to clean, soft leather insole, for your ultimate comfort.

While the upper part of the clog is PU, and water-resistant, due to the adjustable strap, these iconic FlexiKlogs these can be worn in their forward or back position, so, can keep your feet in even more tight, easy to slip on and off, made using the toffein anti-static system, has a shock-absorbing sole, which is well constructed and durable, to protect in static situations, great features specifically, 4 out of 5, in customer reviews. (Doctors Orders)

‘Futuro‘ Fashion – Women’s Healthy Natural Plain Clog – Honestly, another notable clog, made from natural leather, with an underside made of alder-wood, which has health properties, and anti-skid rubber grip sole, which prevents wear, a classic slip and go slip-on, comfortable aesthetic, long-lasting high quality. (A Natural High)


[a] Arthroplasty – half of the joint under crooked part of the toe removed to help the toe straighten.

[b] Arthrodesis – similar to above, but the entire joint removed, and a wire or pin assist healing.

[c] Tendon Transfer – tendons from under the toe are rerouted to above the toe to aid straightening. The procedure may be in conjunction with other surgical interventions.

[d] Basal phalangectomy – for individuals with severe stiffness. The base of the bone underneath the toe removed.

[e] Weil osteotomy – metatarsal bone is shortened, and surgical hardware inserted to aid healing

Note: Failing to treat hammertoe, might make it very difficult to do daily activities, it is in your interest, to seek the best medical advice.

WolkyE Walk – Roll Slipper – Taupe Mosaic Suede – Very sleek and groovy ‘Mule’, offers beautiful high-quality soft leather, designed to keep your relaxed.

The seductive, comfortable style, perfect for summer days, fully breathable lining absorbs perspiration, well-known unwinding sole for optimal comfort, light-weight and flexible, medium to broader with available, removable anatomic shaped footbed, A-symmetric nose, very on-trend. (Comfortable shoe with distinctive nose from the collection ROLL MOC)

JD Williams – Leather Touch and Close – Close – Women’s Walking Shoes – (SEE ABOVE, JD Williams, same fit, different fabric)

No one has paid me any sums of money, to write this article, [Independent] and is a view of what I feel ‘Women’ living with ‘hammer toe’, would like to be aware, are available. (Honestly, pick a style you want, and buy, all the hard work above, has been done for you.)

QUICK TREATMENTS / Lifestyle and Home Remedies: Hammer Toe – You Can Do for Immediate Relief.

(1) Massage your feet – Mobility Ball – Roll a ball beneath your foot, while applying steady pressure, don’t be timid at the ‘hot spots’.

(2)Slip-on an Ice Pack – Icing reduces the pain, at the heel, from ‘hammer toe’. (Ice Slippers)

(3) Stretch – Stretching – Is – one of the most effective ways to reduce pain and heel hammer toe – (see specialist)

(4) Use Toe Separators – Elongate shrunken tendons, that have become short and tight, encouraging toes to uncurl.

A strong position – to gently stretch and align the foot, and toes, sitting or laying down, whenever you have 10 – 15 minutes – toe stretchers also improve blood flow to the feet, breaks down adhesions, improves heel and foot pain, strengthens muscles and ligaments, in the toes and beyond.

(5) Tag Team Sock Splints and Orthotics – Heel Seats, are inserts, explicitly made for hammertoes, the foot is raised the foot’s arch to the optimal position for relief. Sock Splints gently stretch your feet to relieve pain – many people use a combination, [tag-team] of both and sock splints.

(6) Try TENs Therapy – Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, [Tens Therapy] is a relatively new treatment for plantar fasciitis – electrical currents stimulate the nerves, delivered in small doses to the feet, to improve blood flow. (see specialist)

(7) Strengthen Your Feet With a Washcloth – Sit on a chair, or bed, put the cloth on the floor, in front of feet, using toes only, attempt to pull the fabric under your feet – Strengthens, builds weak muscle in feet, that contribute to plantar fasciitis. (Both feet, not just one)

(8) Get Creative with a Water Bottle – Turn it into a great tool, to treat hammertoe, (as seen above No 1) – similar] by rolling the water bottle between your heel, and ball of feet ten times, then switch sides. For extra healing and relief, it is best to freeze the bottle beforehand.

(9) Stretch Your Feet With Book – Place the book about two feet away from a wall, then stand on top of it, with your heels hanging off the edge the book-

Slowly lean forward, hands in front of you, until the wall in front of you supports your weight, hold for 15 sec, straighten back, lift feet up and down, using the balls of your feet, one foot first, then the other. (Strengthens the ligaments and muscles in your feet.)

(10) Wear properly fitting shoes – Not too snug not too long, not too short, high-heels, (ladies) should be 2 inches or less, too high the pressure on your toes, which causes them to bend, can also cause the formation of corns, and a high arch, so have feet measured –

Even shoes that have – flexible material covering the toes, a deep toe box, be low-heeled. Please remember, allow enough space for your toes, and this will help relieve pressure and pain.

(11) Such as hydrocodone (Vicodin) or acetaminophen, for pain management, but do not help decrease inflammation.

(12) Pain Killers-Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen (Advil) and ‘salicylates’, help control pain and inflammation.

(13) Immunosuppressants like prednisone: or cortisone help reduce inflammation. Note: It is in your interest, to see seek best medical advice on ‘arthritis’ Avoid over-the-counter medication, (‘Corn Removal Products’) many contain acid that can cause severe skin irritation, furthermore, do not try shaving’ / ‘cutting’ the corn is to ‘risky’. It could get infected, foot infections are ‘hard’ / ‘difficult to treat’, especially if you have diabetes or poor circulation.

Well, Ladies, I have shown you a comprehensive. Honest opinion/view of what I feel are aloft – comfortable – sensible – reliable – durable – the perfect shoes for ‘hammer toe’, ‘please note’ to always measure feet first before purchasing your shoes, or else, you may be disappointed.

Remember my ‘commitment’ to yourselves, regardless of creed – colour – race – gender or any other persuasion, is solely, to help your search in finding the most ‘amazing shoes’, and getting the best ‘amazing results’.

No one has paid me any sums of money, to write this article, (Independent) and is a view of what I feel ‘Women’ living with ‘hammer toe’, would like to be aware, are available. (Honestly, pick a style you deserve, and buy, all the hard work above, has been done for you.)

So, how did I do Ladies? Thanks for passing by.

If you care to read my ‘About Me’ page, you will find the ‘whole story’, of how ‘Joe 90’ arrived here today?.

Please, feel free to leave any comments, good, bad, or inquiries. (Please, always measure your feet, so many people return shoes, all because they did not measure first, before purchasing)

Joe 90


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