10 Best Loafers Shoes For Women – ‘A Gentlemen Perspective’

I have a shoe fetish!; apparently!; would the same be said, if I liked dogs – do I have a dog fetish; what if I liked tv’s; fridges do I have a fridge fetish; if I like bats, am I batty?; hmmm… think about it!. (If a woman adores the shoes ‘Gentlemen wear, does that woman have a shoe fetish?.)

How women always have thought about whether they like / fancy (find attractive) ‘gentlemen’ by their shoes. I am now the euphonious voice of the ‘Gentlemen’; I would like to inform you the footwear women choose to wear ‘Gentlemen also judge too.; (If you didn’t know), so join the club ladies.

(Oh, just to let you know, ladies, sometimes ‘Steve’ my PA, tags along; ok.)

Today you lucky lovely ladies it’s all things’ loafer style,

What is the perfect pair of ‘Loafers’ you ask;

loafers are versatile – comfortable – classic – traditional – stylish – relaxed even wear at home; handy – fit enough to pair with most things – they look great with skirt- shorts – jeans – almost anything in your closet, even dresses;

As the ‘title’ above says, I have picked ten pairs of amazing (loafer-style) shoes that get ‘gentlemen’ hearts racing, your hearts will be racing too, so if you are ready, ladies ‘ let’s go.’ Ladies, ‘here we go, here we go, here we go… here we;…

Givenchy-Black-Chunky-High-Heeled-LoafersGivenchy – Black Chunky High-heeled Loafers – These smug-looking chunky slip-on high-heel are adorable – drop-dead (‘stylee,’ ‘stylee’) stylish, oh so smart; I wished my teacher (Ms Austin) wore these shoes when I was in primary school, back in the day; she was ever so stunning!

Dance the night away in these feminine round toe shoes – adorned with gold-tone chain trim with horse-bit engraved logo charm. (The women that wear these shoes like to excavate and analyse your artefacts, using tools, digging and poking hard, getting to the bottom of things; she loves caves and holes)

Hi Ladies, hi ‘Joe 90’; Hi ‘Steve.’

I heard you were out looking for a new electric vehicle last week, Steve!.

Wolf-&-Badger-Megan-Red-LoaferWolf & Badger – Megan Red Loafer – with Gold Snaffle – A very red hot chilli-pepper I would describe; this stunningly classic leather and suede loafer is timeless; (just ask ‘Dorothy from ‘Oz’)

created with eye-catching fringe, a gold snaffle addition; a cleverly hidden strap helps keep the foot in place; to complete this offering; a non-slip shock-absorbing rubber sole ensures all-day premium comfort on the feet. (The women that wear these shoes respect all things ‘Aztecan’, ‘Spanish’; they are, (‘aficionados’) knowledgeable and enthusiastic about marbles; she sees ‘red’ losing one.

Do you like red coloured cars ‘Steve’? No, I like it ‘black’ ‘Joe 90’, that’s more my cup of coffee.

House-of-Bruar-Soft-Leather-Tassel-MoccasinHouse of Bruar – Soft Leather Tassel Moccasin – A refined an emotionally inspired loafer-style shoe, lightweight, durable, refined, extremely comfortable, and again enduring. (The women that wear these shoes; she likes singing, she ‘wanna dance with somebody’, It’s not right but it’s Okay, has a ‘bodyguard’, and she ‘will always love you’; she is every woman.) The Bodyguard – 1992

‘Steve’, what’s a typical bodyguards’ cars, maybe an ‘Audi A6!; thanks ‘Steve.’ (he is very knowledgeable, our ‘Steve’.)

Unisa-Sport-Platform-LoafersUnisa – Sport Platform Loafers – Similar side-on view, (teeth looking) of the Birkenstock ‘Boston’ Suede Chunky Clogs; luxurious kid suede; produced in various colours; with a smart snaffle buckle strap; a versatile white ‘Eva’ 4 cm high-heel rubber track sole, and 2.5cm platform; a perfect office or streetwear shoe. (The women that wear these shoes fantasise about being a divine ‘little mermaids’, however, she can be more like an ‘Octopus’, hands everywhere, when she’s had a drink) – ‘The Little Mermaid’ – 1989

‘Steve’, name any cars with a fishy title – 1968 Plymouth ‘Barracuda’ – 1979 Porsche ‘Whale tail’ – 1963 Corvette ‘Stingray’ – 1958 Austin Healey – ‘Frog Eye’ Sprite – 1970 Opel ‘Manta; that’s just a few!; thanks ‘Steve.’

Naturlaufer-Moccasins-Naturlaufer – Moccasins in a classic design – If your name is ‘Daisy’ ‘Daisy,’ give your answer, do! I’m half crazy, all for the love of ‘shoes.’ A florally created; kaleidoscope arrangement; these moccasins would be fitting in any newly decorated home or public building; could even be handheld, when out shopping, or on the way home. These super-soft leather – hand-sewn – are very flexible – suitable for loose inlay soles; they have a 2.5 cms heel-height, just perfect!. (The women that wear these moccasins, know the smell of sweet success, and are not ‘blooming’-wallflowers; they love it in the ‘Spring’ if you know what I mean!)

‘Ladies’ run for the hills if he says ‘He hasn’t got a ‘carriage’, telling you, that you’ll look ‘sweet’, on the ‘seat’, of any ‘bicycle’ made for two; ask him to get a red ‘Ferrari’ Daisy Daisy! If, he wants to get anywhere close to your chassis.

How about a red 1947 ‘125 S’ ‘Ferrari’ Steve, you’ll look good in that!; hmmm, I think I shall look it up, Joe 90!.

Naturalizer-Adiline-Loafer-Naturalizer – Adiline Loafer – These black wet-look/patent, call them what you want, have the on-trend cleated sole, which updates the classic silhouette; a bridging strap; N5 Contour cushioned footbed; removable insole; and a slight wedge; available in various colours. (The women that wear these shoes, like to make bold statements; the lawyer type; that shop at ‘Ikea’; and love spider monkeys, they will take you ‘briefs’ down before you can say ‘Y-fronts if you know what I mean?.)


ARA-Kayla-LoaferARA – Kayla Loafer – Ladies I’m so excited. And I just can’t hide it, And I know, I know, I know, I know, I know I want shoes, I want shoes!; I am oh, so, jealous ladies, honestly!; this fantastic loafer, with a slick broguing and tassel detailing; suitable for all-day activities;

the panel has voted 5 out of 5 by ‘A Gentlemen Perspective.’ review; perfection does not need alteration. (The women that wear these shoes are dangerous; warning, if she offers you the bed or couch for the night; first make sure you listen to the lyrics, of ‘I’m so excited.’, trust me prepare yourself; male or female.) Pointer Sisters – ‘I’m So Excited’ – 1983

We want, ‘Steve.’ We want, ‘Steve.’ We want, ‘Steve.’ We want ‘Steve’!.

‘Steve,’ I’m about to lose control, and I just can’t hide; how about an ‘EV, (electric vehicle) a BMW i3!.

Paul-Green-Leather-LoaferPaul Green – Leather Loafer – This Tom-boy looking loafer designed explicitly for the ultra-feminine in mind; exquisite embellished metallic (bee) buckle detailing; striped upper; almond-shaped toe; smooth leather; classic apron seam; with a delectable sumptuous silhouette, ‘to boot’!. (These shoes worn be tough (socially intelligent) cookies;

(formerly in the ‘Boy Scouts’) primarily eat fruit for lunch, however, will consume leaves, flowers, and insects; (like ‘Bear Grylls’ – OBE) they prefer their rainforest (‘closet’) undisturbed if you know what I mean?. Dyb – dyb, dyb – dyb! (Do your best!)

Mytheresa-Ganni-Jewel-Leather-LoafersMytheresa – ‘Ganni’ – Loafers – Ladies, look at me, I’m a nonconformist, that’s right!. Yes, with a seriously square heel!; yes, with a seriously round mouth!; and yes, I walk around like I own the place!; comfortable contemporary and versatile; wearing my brown snake-skin, showing off my endearing jewel embellishment on my upper!; but guess what? Influencers adore me; as do editors globally. (The women that wear these shoes have got soul, funky,’, and most probably married to ‘Barry White’; ‘Ladies, ‘let the music play.’ movin’ kickin’ groovin’.) ‘Let the music play’ – Barry White – 1976

Joe 90, ‘I’ve got hide what’s killin’ me inside’!; I adore the BMW I3, I took your advice; let the music play!.

L. K Bennett-Shana-Green-Croc-EffectL. K Bennett – ‘Shana’ Green Croc-Effect Flats – First was a ‘snake’, and now we have a croc. A modern contemporary classic every day, anytime alternative to the traditional flat loafer. Pictured here in green, they also come in brown; and have a rounded toe – very casual, very fun. These loafers suit a ‘Piscean’ (‘Emily Blunt’) or ‘Taurian’ (‘Cher’) woman that lives near biscuit factory, is bubbly, grounded, and would marry ‘Willy Wonka’ at the drop of a hat; she just wants a little chocolate on her biscuit, if you know what I mean?.

I have shown you, a comprehensive, and honest view of what a ‘Gentleman’ likes, in the way of what shoes (loafers) styles women wear, and what gets their hearts racing? While having a bit of fun.

‘However’, my commitment to yourselves, regardless of creed – colour – gender or any other persuasion, is solely, to help your search in finding the perfect ‘amazing shoes’, and getting, the best ‘amazing results’.

If you care to read my ‘About Me’ page, you will get the whole story of, how ‘Joe 90” arrived here today.

Please, feel free to leave any comments; and be lucky!

Joe 90


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(4) Comments

  1. Roy says:

    Hi Joe90, Nice to be back on your site, checking out your latest article on Loafers. I must say my old mucker, you are really opening up on the descriptions of the said shoe and whom they may suite for what ever reason. It’s very entertaining and informative at the sametime, I like your play on words Joe90, I had to look up “euphonious” which translates to mean (pleasant-sound or pleasing to the hear) if I understand it correctly you are sayIng that women judge men by there footwear, just like men judge women by what they wear too….have I got that right? Very interesting and intuitive 90. I think you’ve let the cat out of the bag there mate ha ha, just joking.
    I must say Mr90 I’m liking your work my friend.. However I haven’t seen any comments or write up on, in my humble opinion the flagship brand in loafers.. what’s that Roy I hear you ask? Well I will tell you my old mucker.. “TOD’S that’s what, you know the ones sold in Harrods and normally worn by the sporty lady with loads of money, like Harry Enfield loads of money. Yes I would like to hear your comments about that brand please. (Kat would too)But very well done on your work so far. Keep the good work up ????✊?

    1. Hi Roy,
      Thanks for your words of encouragement; Roy, I have written a piece on ‘Tods’ loafers, (have a look again) I must put my articles in an order form, as I can see it is a little troublesome to find what you may be looking for. I am delighted that my play on words; you find amusing, and will be keeping it going. (Just for you Roy!) My mission is as you can see, is to inform ‘Women’ that, we ‘Gentlemen’ are just as observant, on what footwear works; and most of all have the ‘Law of Attraction’. Roy, I know Pri-Mark, but what is Harrods?; I that a start-up shop of sort!; the name might catch on, one day!.
      Oh, and Roy, I would like to say! keep smiling through; and
      will you please say hello,
      to the folks that I know,
      tell them I won’t be long,
      I was singing this song,
      but I know you and me, (and them) Roy,
      we’ll meet again some sunny day!
      (It’s flaming raining, again, where are my wellies, dear!)

      Joseph. V. Lynn – 2020

  2. Roy says:

    Hey Joe90, thank you for taking the time to look at, and reply to my comments, I will have a look for the Tod`s article then, as you said its there somewhere, yes it would be easier once you put them in order sir. Maybe order by style name.. just a suggestion. I’m sure you will come up with something, as you usual do.
    Where is Steve today?
    Has he had to self isolate? Give him my best…
    Until next time Mr90 take good care. And keep the good work up.
    Laters…RM out. ????
    P.S Happy Fathers Day Joe90??

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