10 Women’s Leopard Loafer-Style Shoes – ‘A Gentlemen Perspective’


I have a shoe fetish!; apparently!; would the same be said, if I liked cats – do I have a cat fetish!; what if I liked toast; do I have a toast fetish; if I like fish, am I a bit fishy?; hmmm… think about it!. (If a woman adores the shoes ‘Gentlemen wear, does that woman have a shoe fetish?.)

You naughty women! Always have thought about whether you like / fancy (find attractive) ‘gentlemen’ by their shoes. I am now the gentle euphonious voice of the ‘Gentlemen’; now it is our turn, I would like to inform you the footwear women choose to wear ‘Gentlemen also judge too.; (If you didn’t know)

(Oh, just to let you know, ladies, sometimes ‘Steve’ my PA, tags along; okay.)

Alright you, lucky lovely ladies, it’s all things’ loafer style,

What is the perfect pair of ‘Loafers’ you ask;

fit enough to pair with most things – they look great with skirt- shorts – jeans – almost anything in your closet, even dresses;

loafers are versatile – comfortable – classic – traditional – stylish – relaxed

also wear at home; handy!.

Oh, just to let you know, ladies, sometimes ‘Steve’ my PA, tags along; okay!; Don’t worry, he has good teeth; old enough to have a passport; drives an electric vehicle; a ‘saving the planet’ (BMW i3) and he wears fit shoes, be happy!’

(Oh, by the way, I’m he’s pimp!; rumour has it, I’m much more ‘helpful’ than his last one!)

‘Say hello to my guest ‘Steve’; hi Ladies!.

As the ‘title’ above says, I have chosen ten pairs of amazing (loafer-style) shoes that get ‘gentlemen’ hearts racing, your hearts will be racing too, so if you are ready, ladies ‘ let’s go.’ Ladies, ‘here we go, here we go, here we go… here we;…

Today Ladies, we are going all out ‘Leopard-Print Loafers-Style.’ These shoes, dedicated to all felines – ‘Tigresses’ (a female tiger – a fierce or passionate woman; a woman regarded as daring.

Ladies, make yourselves a drink if you can, as always, if not, sit back and relax, and Gentleman, ‘Steve’; grab a beer, curl-up, on that ‘leopard-skin,’ ‘chaise-longue,’ created from, timeless, stylish, opulent, comfortable shoes.

The ‘Tigress‘ or ‘Tigresses‘ – Found in ‘Ranthambore National Park, Madhopur, India; However, these days found in ‘Ibiza – ‘Marbella, Spain’, Copacabana Beach, Brazil, South Beach, Florida, Waikiki Beach, Hawaii, Maya Bay, Thailand etc..

After a hard night out partying; a day spent baking banana bread or clearing out the many wardrobes full of clothes (all bought on impulse) they would welcome seeing these iconic;

Garor-Predict-41-432-32-CamelGarbor – Predict – 41 -432 – 32 – Camel/Black Loafer; they are wild,(slang for excellent) created with a printed suede leather upper, with leather lining, fantastic styling, comfortable everyday wearability, through the broader fitting, and cushioned footbeds, classic, contemporary and inspirational.

Steve’, you adore these shoes, don’t you!; I sure do; Grrrrrrrrr!

The ‘Tigress’ has a code name; T16 when on the hunt, or prowl; being wild(ultra-alpha feral), they are not usually married and may evolve from ‘Tigresses’ to ‘Cougars’ eventually! (Cougars are no pussy cats; ”Ladies, Gentlemen are aware)

I will be base my next article on ‘The Cougar’. (Oh, do come back!)

We ‘Gentlemen’ are also aware that the word ‘Wild’, could mean; to run wild, and real ‘Tigresses’ are usually accurate to form.

Tigresses could certainly run wild in these;

Paul-Green-LoafersPaul Green – Loafers – Ladies I bring you calfskin ‘Nappa’ leather; superb ornamental needlework on the upper; kidskin leather lining, with padded calfskin leather insole; rubber sole; heel height, 0.5in. (rated 5.5 in the ‘Gentlemen Perspective Panel Review)

What have we learnt thus far about the ‘Tigress’; they love the beach ( no matter what age; they like to party; are difficult to restrain and adore baking; they relish banana bread and have wardrobes full of used, and unworn clothes bought on impulse.

Anything to add ‘Steve’, yes ‘Joe 90’, ‘Pussy Galore’! Now your talking ‘Steve’.

Ahhh, ‘Pussy Galore’ (Goldfinger – 1964); I am ‘Honor’ ed man’ (Honor Blackman), to bring you these;

Taryn Rose Andrea – Genuine Calf Hair Loafer; The priority comfort-driven loafer; delivers cushy footbed; combined arch support; these shoes, worn the most fierce, forward-looking, trendy ‘Tigress’ which is inspired by a superb upper.

The ‘Tigress’ has a ‘Gold Ring, hurrah; for her gold finger, silly!

‘Steve’ has some to say, go ahead ‘Steve’! ‘Tigresses’ would rather have a bit of ‘Gold Finger’ (treatment) when out at the ‘Spa’ in the ‘National’ Park’; than be given the cold shoulder treatment, by a cat’s whisker!; Thanks for the input ‘Steve.’; your welcome, ‘Joe 90,!.

The ‘Cats Whiskers’

If I have not mentioned it; ‘Tigresses’ have good taste; they can be very ‘Choosy’; (wasn’t that a cat food name!) some like ‘Gentlemen Doctors’ with long good-looking whiskers; the stand about 5′ 6, with heels, about six feet.

Is there a ‘Doctor in the house? (with long good-looking whiskers)

‘Steve’, yes! Right over here, Joe 90!.

Dr-Scholl's-Faxon-LoaferDr Scholl’s – Faxon Loafer – Never tread on a ‘Tigresses’ toes especially when she is wearing these sustainable eco-conscious fabric toe box; linings and heel counter, made from recycled materials;

made in leather or calf hair; easy slip-on/off; quilted heel counter which provides extra cushioning; lightweight; flexible; strap style detailing; soft pointed cru stack heel; effortless loafer; fits most outfits.

Easy ‘Tigress’!

They can be very bad-tempered, do not touch her ‘Money Penny’;

(they roar like a spider-monkey – South America; and Mexico) as this; 2020 is the year of the ‘Tigress’, and if you were born in the year of the ‘Tigress’, for 2020 ‘Tigresses’ will make pretty good money this year. (Miss Moneypenny – Naomie Harris – ‘Skyfall’ – 26/10/2012)

She will huff & puff’!.

The ‘Tigress’, hates wolves; (at the door) mainly, those dressed in sheep’s clothing; she may-be engaged in water conservancy and catering, you should taste her dumplings; there heavenly; there gorgeous, if you know what I mean!?. ‘Steve’, are you feeling peckish!.

Tigresses; ‘Say my name, say my name’!; popular ‘Tigresses’ names; ‘Jade’; ‘Mara’; ‘Betty’, and ‘Zara’.

Walk-'Jude'-Leopard-LoafersWalk – ‘Jade’ – Leopard Loafers – I could not wait to get my teeth into these loud sweet-tasting dumplings; delicious; on-trend;

all over the cat-walk this season; another fierce design; this defiant much-loved bestseller; created with a faux pony hair leopard print on the upper; leather piping around the ankle opening and vamp; a tidy gold-toned snaffle-bit; makes for an all-round firm loafer-look.

All my dreams are dry ones!.

To see a ‘Tigress in your dreams represents power and ability, to bring into play various situations; The Gentlemen Perspective’ Review Panel has the power!.

Tamaris-Leopard-Print-LoafersTamaris – Leopard Print Loafers – As day turns to night, these slip-on loafer makes it easy for the ‘Tigress’; snazzy-jazz jazzy print loafers are swanky;

solve any outfit dilemma; round toe; quilted lining; the perfect combination of comfort and style.

Alternatively, the ‘Tigress’ represents aggression; female sexuality, even seduction;

the ‘Tigress; Or ‘Tigresses’; that dream of being attacked by a ‘Tiger’ mean; emotions have been suppressed, because you were afraid to confront them.

Keeping up with the ‘Jone’s’

Jones-Patent-Leopard-LoaferJones‘ – Patent Leopard Loafer – this extraordinary loafer that assures elegant, stylish luxury. These fantastic loafers are iconic, created in patent leather; finished with quality leopard print; very slick, and contemporary. (4.5 out of 5)

The ‘Tigress’ is shady; can be found drinking or snoozing at any well-established (water) drinking hole; either on their sides or stomachs; in the shade; in shallow water; or anywhere they like.

I have learnt so much about dumplings today, ‘Joe 90’, thanks ‘Steve’. ‘Steve’ never bite off more than you can chew. ‘Joe 90, I know; because you could choke.

Axel-Leopard-Print-Chunky-Buckle-LoafersAxel – Leopard Print Chunky Buckle Loafers – The striking leopard print, a chunky cleated sole; buckle design completes any look in the contemporary modern must-haves; luxe leather; bang on trendy iconic styling; quality finish.



Givenchy-Black-Chunky-High-Heeled-LoafersGivenchy – Black Chunky High-heeled Loafers – These smug-looking chunky slip-on high-heel are adorable – drop-dead (‘stylee,’ ‘stylee’) stylish, oh so smart; I wished my teacher (Ms Austin) wore these shoes when I was in primary school, back in the day; she was ever so stunning!

Dance the night away in these feminine round toe shoes – adorned with gold-tone chain trim with horse-bit engraved logo charm. (The women that wear these shoes like to have ‘gentlemen’ dancing around their handbags in a club; analyse serial-killers; using power tools; playing poker, and love cavemen)

Bye, Ladies, see you next time! Bye ‘Joe 90’; Bye!

Steve!, Oh ‘Steve’, any chance of a lift home in your lovely new BMW i3?.

Wolf-&-Badger-Megan-Red-LoaferWolf & Badger – Megan Red Loafer – with Gold Snaffle – A very red hot chilli-pepper I would describe; this stunningly classic leather and suede loafer is timeless; (just ask ‘Dorothy from ‘Oz’)

created with eye-catching fringe, a gold snaffle addition; a cleverly hidden strap helps keep the foot in place; to complete this offering; a non-slip shock-absorbing rubber sole ensures all-day premium comfort on the feet. (The women that wear these shoes respect all things ‘Aztecan’, ‘Spanish’; they are, (‘aficionados‘) knowledgeable and enthusiastic about marbles; she sees ‘red’ losing one.

I have shown you, a comprehensive, and an honest view of what a ‘Gentleman’ likes, in the way of what shoes (loafers) styles women wear, and what gets their hearts racing? While having a bit of fun,

‘however’, my commitment to yourselves, regardless of creed – colour – gender or any other persuasion, is solely, to help your search in finding the perfect ‘amazing shoes’, and getting, the best ‘amazing results’.

If you care to read my ‘About Me’ page, you will get the whole story of, how ‘Joe 90” arrived here today.

Please, feel free to leave any comments.

Joe 90


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(7) Comments

  1. Roy says:

    Hello 90 90, I have to say this is the best article yet for me, as the play on words are very funny and cleverly done. More of the same please.

    1. Hi Roy,
      Wow, the best article yet eh!.
      I am happy that you like the play on words, and It was cleverly done!.
      More of the same … certainly!.

      Thanks again, Roy!


  2. Felicity says:

    Hello there

    A extremely fun and light display of wording . A very well written article. I don’t think you should change any of it and keep you style of writing the same for future posts. 

    Here are a few things to consider. 

    Get yourself a gravatar. When people read your post they want to see ” the face ” that wrote the words. It will engage the reader more and give you better authority. 

    Add internal links to you article that will lead the reader to other posts within your website. You can also add external links to an authority ( like Wiki ). For example “What is the perfect pair of ‘Loafers’ you ask “. Type loafers wiki into google and add the link from wiki  to the sentence. These are both easy example you can use even if you don’t have affiliate links yet. 

    I would say make your images a bit bigger and play around with the placement. You don’t have to have all the images on the left of the page. Have fun with them 

    Keep being amazing 

    All the best  

    1. Joe 90 says:

      Hi Felicity,

      Thanks for the kind comment, and glad you approve of the writing style!.

      I will take on-board, all the advice you have given.

      my images, at one-time did open up to large, I do not know what has happened, though I will fix it.

      Thanks again,

      joe 90

  3. İsmay caleb says:

    Good writing 9o

  4. Steve says:

    Hey! Thanks for your rundown of these loafers! To be honest, I didn’t know they made loafers for women. I have worn maybe one or two pairs over the course of my life and have found them comfortable. I noticed the pictures of the last two were not leopard print. Do they come that way? Even if they do, I’m glad that they are of a more plain color scheme as I’m really not into the leopard print style. Thanks for writing this!

    1. Joe 90 says:

      Hi Steve,

      Thanks for the feedback ‘Steve’; (You got Sole!)

      No, the two pairs at the bottom of the page; Is wrong; 

      I did notice a couple of days ago!; I will change; 

      Now, at least, you know that women wear loafer; (One step at a time ‘Steve’, eh!)

      Do you walk around with head in the sky?; Look down sometimes; moving forward!.

      Thanks again,

      Joe 90


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