10 Villainess Loafer-Style Women’s Shoes – A ‘Gentlemen Perspective’

Hey, Shhh, … can you keep a secret?, I have a ‘Shoe Fetish,’

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Love Joe 90

however, it does not hurt!.

If you have been following my articles, you will know, I, Joe 90, and my ‘Panel,’ ‘The ‘GPP, ‘we inform on the shoes’ Women’ wear, and ‘Gentlemen; perceive have the ‘Law of Attraction.’

We ‘Gentlemen’ have found that one of the things ‘Women’ do, when it comes to a ‘Man,’ is to judge, by the shoes he wears, do I fancy him, do I think he is fit, do I want to have he’s children, little things like that!.

Oh, you’re such a ‘clever-dick.’ ‘Joe 90’. Hey, not so much of the ‘clever’!, Okay Ladies!.

‘Well, Ladies, its no secret. I have females galore in my fam!; that’s how I know, and I know more than that, so stick around, or come back, for a few articles, to find out more, eh!.

If you haven’t heard, well, let me tell you, ladies.

I am the ‘Euphonious’ voice of the ‘Gentlemen.’

Ladies note that the ‘Man’ has always created shoes; you only have to go back to the ‘North Americans.’ (‘The Moccasin’)

In more modern times, ‘Master’ designers such as ‘Andre Perugia,’ ‘Roger Vivier,’ ‘Patrick Cox’, ‘Salvatore Ferragamo’, have spear-headed womens footwear; look at how many men’s names, ladies.

I could have gone further, and mentioned, Bass Weejuns, Gucci, are attributed with making and keeping the loafer and women’s shoes in general; on-trend; superior; casual; stylish fashionable and timeless, but I won’t.

I only know ‘two’ house-hold ladies names (‘Vivienne Westwood’ and ‘Beth Levine’) ‘I am just saying’!.

It appears that I am not alone; I am not the only one with a shoe fetish, looking at the list of men’s names above. (I just love my ‘fetish’!; however, I think of it; more as an ‘Obsession’ or ‘Hobby’ to be honest Ladies!.)

So, Ladies, this is what you need to know; We have a panel; ‘The ‘Gentlemen Perspective’ or the ‘GP,’ that pick the ‘Women’s shoes, which possess the ‘Law of Attraction; and love to see the ladies wearing, however not what’ ‘Women’ feel are appealing, lovable or even cute. (Like it or not!.)

Before you start bashing me with your ‘Louis Vuitton and ‘Gucci handbags.’

Why not go to my comments page, treat yourselves, (‘go on’!) and take a look at the messages females have left, like, (‘Shanta,’ ‘Felicity,’ ‘Ann,’ ‘Suzanne,’ ‘Harish’) and, you, yourself, could be, oh-so-surprised ladies!; ‘Shock horror’!

Things to look-out for, are the descriptions of the shoe; which women we feel; wear what footwear!; and, type of women they maybe!. Take offence if you like, we don’t mean any harm, we just want to put a humorous spin on things, Okay; Enough talking!.

Today Ladies, we are dealing with all things’ The Villainess’. A ‘Female’ character in a film, novel, or play, whose fiendish evil actions and behaviour are majorly crucial to the plot.

‘The Ultimate Hardcore Female Villains’

Annie Wilkes – Misery – 1990 – Movie

Coach-Women's-Helena-C-Chain-Leather-ChalkCoach – Women’s – Helena C Chain – Leather – Chalk – This delightful slip-on are straight from the stable of Coach’s SS /20 collection. These loafers, designed from premium leather, and a luxuriously smooth finish; and almond toe, feature a tan hue lining, with the brands signature ‘C’ motif, embellished with a gold-tone curb chain in the centre of the vamp, a slightly stacked; and tonal stitching throughout. ‘C’ for ‘Chic’!. Rated 5 out of 5 by The ‘GPP,’ The ‘Gentlemen Perspective Panel.’

The ‘Women’ that wear these shoes; are sheer rebels at heart, despise authority, and being bossed around.

However, she works undercover in ‘Hospitals’ pretending to be ‘Florence Nightingale’ – aka, ‘Annie Wilkes’!

Do not turn your back on her, or she will stick (if not a knife) at least a needle in your back. (Sounds like an ‘Aquarian’?.)

We have all heard the stories about ‘Nurses,’ right!. Well if they find you unconscious, (especially if you are an ‘A’ list Celebrity) after a car accident, they will take you home, and probably lock you in a room in her cabin.

(She has a friend; ‘Nurse Ratched,’ I will introduce you to her later!.)

If she forces you to ‘perform’ to her twisted ‘Sadomasochistic’ fantasies (if you know what I mean?) and you can’t or don’t! She will become very violent, beat and abuse you, and then go bloody shopping!.

Their hobbies include stealing and burning peoples books or novels, stalking, kidnapping hitchhikers, and cutting off their legs. (I am not talking ‘bollocks.’)

These women are dark, cold, harsh, into ‘sledgehammers,’ and ‘hobbling.’

What to remember ‘Gentlemen’; drive carefully; stay away from anyone called ‘Anne’ or ‘Ratched,’ especially if she is a ‘Nurse’!.

‘Night Nurse’ – ‘Gregory Isaacs’ – 1982 – Vinyl

Catherine Tramell – Basic Instinct – 1992 – Movie

Ted-Baker-Aidiil-LoafersTed Baker – Aidiil – Loafers – A slip-on, that folds down at the heel; mild-mannered, stylish, versatile, and comfortable. The perfect companion for those full all-day activities; the embossed croc detailing is contemporary, fits well with jeans, pencil trousers, or even skirts; the soles rubber and low heel finish off this pair.

The classic femme fatale wears these shoes, a mix between ‘Hannibal Lecter and the ‘Bride’ in ‘Kill Bill.’ She tells people she’s a ‘Novelist,’ when, really what she means, is that she carries around a black book of death; ‘Women and Men’, try not to be in it, trust me! (A Sagittarian?.)

They have the most beautiful kitchens; however, they say, a woman that keeps a spotless kitchen is dull in bed. They are great at slicing pizzas; they use swords. However, they don’t play games; unless it’s with a bunny!, and here’s me thinking ladies liked ‘Rabbits’; If you know what I mean?; And, rumour has it, they love, scary big ‘black mambas’ (Snakes), or a friendly ‘Dic’… called ‘Nick; If you, really, really, know what I mean?.

Like ‘Anne Wilkes’ these women have a fascination with tying (‘celebrity’ men) musicians, boxers, writers, up in beds.

These women are unique, provocative, happy to sit and show off her vaseline shine rosebush from her conservatory;

However, her girlfriends, Roxy, and Beth might have something to say about that!

(Oh, you must see the original uncut version of ‘Basic Instinct,’ and you may see the ‘Vaseline Sheen Rose Bush’) ‘Trust me!’

Alexandra Forrest – Fatal Attraction – 1987 – Movie

Miu- Miu- Embellished - ShoesMIU MIU Embellished Slingback Pumps These adorned shoes – pointed at the toe; are adorable and skillfully crafted ‘iconic’ pumps and jewelled ultra on-trend mystical magical elegant conjured up for the woman that wants to feel like a true ‘princess’ in every way, a cut-away side, with a strap; not to mention the most beautiful heel;

I mean, ‘just look.’ Listen, if you are limited on funds, shop around for something similar, you may most certainly find your ‘prince charming.’ (Shoes for a Goddess)

The women that wear these shoes are home-wreckers. It’s not only men, but women should also watch their backs!

Ladies, keep a close eye on your man and a closer eye; on your lady friends. (Trust me!)

Women steal married men from their best mates; I know what I am talking about, ladies!; I have sisters!. These women can be found in marketing, publishing, or advertising. (A ‘Leo’?)

These women do not know how to take no, for an answer, they put themselves first always!; Ask ‘Dan Gallagher’, or any ‘Lawyer.’

They play the victim by cutting their wrists if they do not get their way, (Or is she a ‘Piscean?) as they don’t like criticism, they are very persistent; and are opera-loving creatures. (‘Little Madame Butterflies’)

To keep a man (boy!), they will pretend to be having his baby and won’t have an abortion (‘Women’ beware!) and ring him all hours of the night; a real ‘Fruit & Nutcase,’ like a ‘Piscean’?.

These women are, (‘born’) professional stalkers; Your car may get a make-over with acid. They do not care for ‘restraining orders’; (They are called ‘Bunny Boilers’) This would be the last person I would let pick my children up from school, or take to an amusement park!

‘The Blackbyrds’ – Rock Creek Park – 1975- Vinyl

Cruella De Vil – 101 Dalmations – 1996 – Movie

BALENCIAGA - 'Knife'- Coated Denim - BB Slingback Flats, joe-90Balenciaga – Coated Denim BB Slingback Flats Honestly ladies, as I have said, and repeat, I take my job very seriously, whether you are ‘tall’ ladies or ‘short,’

Balenciaga’s ‘Knife’ slingback flats are a ‘shoe lovers’ dream,’ (and most men) fast becoming a ‘cult status’ shoe, that could be, a must-have in your collection.

The glisten ‘BB’ logo’ and the sharpest of silhouettes at the uttermost toe-points are superb and glamorous, day or evening, are comfortable wear with jeans a very sought after pair of shoes. (‘Shoes for the Slick Woman’)

‘Pongo,’ ‘Who let the ‘Dogs out’!

The ‘Women that wear these shoes will make a coat of your pets. All these ‘Women’ seem to have a thing about harming animals; what messages do they send out?.

If these ‘Women’ are your boss, do yourself a favour leave tomorrow, and forget waiting for ‘Maternity’ leave, Go! Go! Go!; And buy a house deep in the country-side; Before she sacks you anyway; (An ‘Arien?) That looks, admittedly stylish, has outfits made of dog meat, like ‘Lady Gaga.’

Don’t even think of telling them your dog is also pregnant, at the same time that you are silly!; She is the type that will buy the litter (all 15 of them), and you’re ‘unborn’; Take them to a factory or mansion and turn them into a ‘Burberry Coat.’

(Why make your ‘Bitch’, a target too.)

These ‘Women’ are stalkers, burglars, stubborn, fierce competitive warriors; they do not like clingy people like children. They are independent, restless, and reckless. You can spot these women walking around Cities, usually with two body-guards by her side.

(Good-bye’ Pongo, ‘Perdy, and ‘Lucky!.)

Aileen Wuornos – Monster – 2003 – Movie

Bottega-Veneta-High-Block-Heel-LoafersBottega Veneta – High Block-Heel Loafer – Well, ladies this is a shoe; no collection is complete until you add this classic 70’s platform styling loafer;

a traditional penny (loafer) strap detail upper; slip-on; fits right to size; contrasting leather trim; woven leather detailed heel; super 4″ wrapped high block heel; leather upper and lining; cleated slip-resistant rubber sole.

Cereal Killer

No, I am not talking about ‘Cornflakes’ eaters, when I mention ‘Serial,’ No!, No!, No!, trust me!

The ‘Women’ that wear these shoes are found at ‘Daytona Beach,’ Florida, hanging around in ‘Gay’ Bars: they like lesbian affairs; and, if your name is ‘Selby,’ you are oven-ready. They also have a zest for killing men. (Seven last count!)

These ‘Women’ will fight to the death; They are very jealous people; and will shoot you point-blank if you mess with her or her girlfriends. (Trust me!)

If your name is ‘John, then watch out John, and if your name is not John, watch out, as these women will turn you into a dead ‘John,’ soon enough!; as quick, as you can say, how much!. She has killed 7 John’s; she likes cute figures; It’s her lucky number.

As a side job, she may pose as a prostitute; As holding down a legitimate position trying to shag everyone in the office, man or woman has its drawbacks.

Too much badly applied makeup; kinky boots; wears outrageous costumes; like ‘Doctors & Nurses.’ ‘She chose to wear ‘that’ at work, in the afternoon, blimey’!. (‘Get rid of her’!)

‘Why’ they choose to pick on her dress sense; When I see many women in ‘Cities,’ globally, that are dressed in outrageous outfits, in the afternoons; Trust me! she’s a victim! … ha, ha, ha!

How the ‘GP’ (‘The Gentlemen Perspective’) see it; The wearer of these shoes.

These women dislike broken promises, get bored if situations are dull and boring, strive to achieve equality, freedom of speech and movement; have a reputation for being cold and insensitive; they have a defence against premature intimacy, Love John!.

Over to you, ‘Jane’ baby!

Jane Hudson – What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? – 1962 – Movie

Jewel Badgley Mischka ‘Ronnie booties’ If there is one thing about me;

JEWEL BADGLEY MISCHKA-'Ronnie booties'‘Joe 90’; I take my job very seriously, from any angle, these stylish – voguish shoes; are slouched at shaft profile; fashionable; perfect for the big screen. That’s so true ‘Mommy Dearest.’; they look tasty day-or-night, with a great pair of jeans subtle and effective elegance, a pointed-toe, pull on high-heel ‘booties,’ with fabric upper. (For the ‘lets party’ girl)

Sister Act – 2

Sister’s, Sister’s, why act like that?; You are, (former) superstars darlings, come on!; Because I made fun of ‘Blanche’ at a party; That’s was the reason she crashed into the gates (you tried to kill me!) ‘ha,’ you missed! (Now, buy me an Ice-cream!)

This former ‘Child Star’ is;

Now going to kick your ass!; and teach you a lesson, now you have broken your neck, and it’s sad!, but I’m laughing my head off dopey!; silly ‘Mommy Dearest,’ you ageing ‘paraplegic,’ don’t you know ‘Blanche,’ I, ‘Jane’ have ‘NPD’! (‘Narcissistic Personality Disorder)

Trust me!; ‘Mommy Dearest.’; You have messed with the wrong gal; ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, … (Are you going to buy me an Ice-cream Blanche’?)

You want rivalry; I’ll show you rivalry!; I shall lock you up, in a ‘Hollywood Mansion,’ with no elevator, tie you to a bed, and starve you, (like most serial killers do in movies!) at first, then,

I’ll cut the phone line; then I’ll sack, or hammer to death, the ‘Maid’ ‘Elvira’; And if you’re pesky ‘Doctor’ calls; I’ll mimic your voice to dismiss him.

Last chance Blanche, Ice-cream, I said, I want an Ice-cream’ Blanche’,

I wouldn’t mind, but my money bought that mansion, Jane; ‘You Bitch’!

Okay! Okay! I’m so sorry, Jane, here’s the money; let’s go to the beach; you are driving Okay!; Do you know I’m staving Jane; I could eat!. (A Rat?)

(‘Jane’ thinks; I should have killed that drunk, ‘Edwin.’; I would not be at the ‘Beach.’)

‘Ladies’; There’s no business, like ‘Shoe’ business!.

Miranda Priestly – Devil Wears Prada – 2006 – Movie

Mytheresa-Ganni-Jewel-Leather-LoafersMytheresa ‘Ganni’ Loafers Ladies, look at me, I’m a nonconformist, that’s right!. Yes, with a seriously square heel!; yes, with a seriously round mouth!; and yes, I walk around like I own the place!; comfortable contemporary and versatile; wearing my brown snake-skin, showing off my endearing jewel embellishment on my upper!; but guess what? Influencers adore me, as do editors globally.

New York, New York!

Okay Okay!, Look at me, (Not at ‘Andy,’ or ‘Andrea’) I’m the real star; And you Andy/Andrea, whatever!; You are just a ‘college’ graduate, that’s arrived in New York City; I have taken pity on you, and you are my co-assistant; slash, junior personal assistant, okay!

I know, I walk around the ‘Runway’ like I own it; however, my little darlings, I do!

(I said, I’m Bad! I’m Bad; Whose Bad!)

Actually ‘Ms. Miranda.’ I am going to show you, you are wrong!; Wait a minute, trust me!

First, I am an ‘Aspiring, ‘Reporter’ slash ‘Journalist,’ okay! ; I only want to be here for a year!; Everybody is so gossipy; And, I am not putting up with your ‘NPD’ Miranda. (‘NPD,’ Google it!)

‘Nigel’ will help me, while I ignore my boyfriend ‘Nate,’ (I caught ‘Arty Farty’ Nigel looking at my tits) ‘Nigel’ will teach me the ropes. (We want ‘Nigel.’ We want ‘Nigel.’ We want ‘Nigel’!)

I’m gonna get a grip; Start dressing stylish, I hope ‘The ‘GP,’ and everyone in the land love, and approve of me, by the end of this blog!; After all Miranda’s, ‘demands,’ ‘whims’ and ‘fancies’;

The nonsense; I have put up with; I deserve a ‘Louis Vuitton’ Handbag! (Am I getting a little shallow, like the other’s once where?)

I won’t stop; I’ll even outperform ‘Emily’!; Silly diets; Shes a ‘Snowflake’ I know she will mess up and have a car crash, or something!; If I get my way; It’s me going to ‘Paris’!; Trust me!

I am not happy, (funny enough!) even though, (It seems I finally made it, my-oh-my!!) I am in Paris; Miranda’s getting a divorce, ‘Nates’ gone, and I stole Emily’s job! (Have I changed?}

Am I now ‘Miranda.’ (‘Who’s Bad!?)

‘The Gentlemen Perspective’ note; The wearer of these shoes; are systematic women, practical; like healthy food; animals; paying attention to the finer details; have a deep sense of humanity, and nature; dedicated; thoughtful; well organised.

(Note; When you are ‘young’; You are useful. When you are ‘old’; You are used less!)

‘What do you know about ‘Spinning Wheels’?.

Maleficent – Angelina Jolie – 2014 – Movie

Doratemur - Groupie - White - Leather - Mules -Doratemur Groupie White Leather Mules There’s nothing ‘crabby about these optic white kitten heels mules; made with textured-leather, a slip-on, with a square-cut vamp; and elongated pointed toe.

‘What sort of ‘Women’ (Powerful Fairy); Gatecrashes a ‘Children Christening’ Party!, Make threats and evil curses!; You are a disgrace, didn’t even bring a bottle; How are things in ‘The Moors’!; Nice property area?; A magical forest of the sort?;

You can kick the gal, out of the ‘Kingdom, but you can’t kick the Kingdom out of the gal. (A poor misunderstood gal?.)

She is a romantic; However, look at what that peasant boyfriend Stefan did; They say it was just a kiss, but!, ‘I heard it through the grapevine’; ‘Marvin told me’: She received sexual healing!.

These ‘Women’ on their sixteenth, go out and find honey, lose their cherries; and wonder why, after a one-night-stand, he left on his magical unicorn;

If I was given a wish; I would stop disturbed single-fairies; being able to count to ‘Sixteen’; They have played the victim for years; Go and get a proper job selling ‘electric vehicles’ or something; The ‘GP’ is banning broomsticks.

These women, waltz around the place like a misunderstood protagonist; You are evil cold-hearted if you can curse children. However, when I think about it; Can you blame her; When she invites the man she likes over to her apartment; He drugs her;

And uses sand-paper condoms, he cuts her hair extensions and her ‘vaseline sheen pubes’; She can’t find her rabbit; (If you know what I mean!) Steals her black cat, and credit-cards; He, lets his horse, take a dump, on her lawn; Sorry, there all ‘Cardinal Sins’!; Everyones going to get stuffed mate!; Trust me! Everyone!

Dark!, flaming dark!; She was right!; Now, I know how ‘Aileen Wuornos’ felt!; I would do more than transform the Kingdom into darkness!

We, could learn to adore you with those devils horns, over time; We could put your, oh-so-tragic past behind us;

We now know how you feel; The ‘GP,’ The ‘Gentlemen Perspective’ we know your heart has been broken darling; Someone get the violins out!.

She deserves to be loved; not to be betrayed; Stefan, why destroy all the ‘Spinning Wheels’ in the land; What kind of ‘twit’ are you?; That’s like getting rid of all the ‘Sewing Machines’ in the Universe!; Where would ‘Primark’ be today?.

Let’s get something straight!

So far, some of the women I have written about (in my mind!) as-far-as I am concerned (actions) are questionable; however, I quite understanda their feelings. (Sorry!)

The ‘GP’ ‘The Gentlemen Perspective’ see it; Being betrayed hurts, and people react differently; Trust me!; What would you do?; Have you ever been betrayed?.

Hello ‘Nurse’ Ratched, please to meet you, my name is ‘Nurse’ Annie Wilkes; I have heard a lot about you; Say hello to my little friend, Here’s, Johnny!.

Nurse Ratched – One Flew Over the Cookoo’s Nest – 1975

Russell & Bromley-Snaffle-LoaferRussell & Bromley Snaffle Loafer Made in Italy, embellished upper with a snaffle bar gold equestrian horse bit.

These classic loafers can be worn with the heels up or down, like a mule designed in irresistible baby pink quilted calf leather. (I believe INC Concepts have a pink ‘mule’ similar).

Place this signature ‘R & B’ classic loafer in your wardrobe make a statement wearing them too; Find yourself a pair of ‘grey slacks’ to pair.

The women that wear these loafers know the smell of sweet success,

They never forgive, very rooted; Determined to show how they are put together; smart women; Are well on the ball.

However, they are unforgiving; they want people to behave appropriately; They are ‘ambitious’ and determined by nature; Preferring to stick to the rules; are very business-like, which enables significant progress through personal and professional life. (‘Workaholics’)

They know size matters; ‘At work,’ they like to have ready, a gentle big ‘bed handy; if you know what I mean!?.

Please to meet you, ‘Nurse Ratched’!

The thing is I have faked insanity, (but they think, I have ‘APD’) to escape prison labour, Okay, I am not crazy! (They say I have ‘Recidivism’, (hey, Google it!.) If you take liberties; You will not live till the end of this blog!; Trust me!.

I hear that ‘Women like you; that wear shoes like yours are ‘Edgy’!; You’re even banned from high-schools, in Oregon, eh!; Rumour has it. You suffer from the traits of ‘Obsessive-Compulsive’ Disorder. (OCD, Google it!)

I know what you are all about, Nurse Ratched’, you old battle-axe!; Watch your mouth, Johnny!. (or is it ‘Jack’)

Nurse, you think, by wearing Russell & Bromley – Snaffle Loafers, you are fooling anyone?.

You are a workaholic; deep with miserliness; cheer up girl, get a grip; (A Capricorn?)

Invite other nurse friends around, and watch a great movie, may I suggest the ‘Shinning!.’

You ‘Bitch!; By humiliating ‘Billy’; All because his ‘Mother’ caught him with a prostitute; I mean; who hasn’t partied, and been caught with a prostitute, eh Ladies!.

‘Billy’ has now slashed his throat and decorated the place in red; Pissed, because, the rest of us; look ‘Pretty in Pink’ (Was that a little heatless!)

I attack you, and I receive a ‘Lobotomy’ for my attack!; Because you called me ‘McMurphy’; When I like it when people say, Here’s ‘Johnny.’

(From the ‘Shinning,’ aka, ‘Jack’)

Then I get turned into a veggie; before pity is taken on me; Now another dead ‘recidive’ person; all because of you, and the rule-book, Nurse ‘Ratched’; Give me back those ‘pink’ shoes! ‘bitch’ trust me!.

I thought I would want to kill you by the end of this blog, as promised. However, I like being seen as an anti-hero!. Nurse ‘Ratched,’ there are not many of us left!. (Look what your establishments/institutions do, to people!.)

You take away my civil rights; Like my blow-up dolls; My porn movies; My weed; I couldn’t even get a job at ‘Willy Wonka’ because of my thievery, of chocolate, pimping, and sleeping with a drag queen!; Trust me!.

The shoes I feature; Are not predictable; Like ‘Bond’ movies!.

I would like to call my action as a small moral victory, which helped people like the Cheif and all trapped souls; It’s a little consolation, I know!

Power to the people!;

I am against enforcement and conformism.

(Which is what ‘Bond’ films are all about, eh Rosa!.)

Hey Rosa! I have a pair of bloody-red shoes for you; They used to be bloody-pink!. I got them from a ‘Nurse’ That Hated Me.’ A real ‘Ocoto-pussy’!

Daniel Craig – ‘Operation Recidivation’ – New Bond Movie – Out 08/08/ 2020

Prada-Knit-Fabric-LoafersRosa Klegg – From Russia With Love – 1963 – Movie – Prada Knit Fabric Loafers These colourful artisans, expertly created, knit fabric loafers, come straight out of the ‘Milanese fashion house; They feature a square toe, a slick mid high block heel, and a branded insole. If you are looking for jazz, rather than classical, well ‘Prada’ is a label (always) delivers a fabulous pair of loafers, and be clear ladies, block heels are substantial for 2020/21 for sure. This woman likes a challenge; Forget it if you are an Eton or Harvard’ type; She eats knitting needles, sideways she eats her meat raw; likes to grow her beard; indulges in Russian roulette; to pay the rent.

Thanks for the bloody-shoes, ‘Joe 90.’

From ‘Jamaica With Love’ – Love ‘Dr. No’ – 2020

Tell us about yourself ‘Rosa,’ well I hate ‘Bond’ movies!

They’re so predictable; The same old re-runs over the Christmas!; He always ends-up the hero;

‘Randle McMurphy,’ (even though he was a naughty boy tut-tut!) had more going for him; Bond is so predictable;

He shags a couple of birds at least, never a man; Bond is sexist, in every way;

Have you seen the way he pouts his lips, yuk! Yukky! Yuk! Yuk!;

I feel for those poor cheap bond girls; Having to do all those awful sex scenes; (‘I wouldn’t shag him, eh girls’)

And get this; Little Pricks!, Little Pricks!, I’m pissed off!; The little pricks; I will explain;

They give him a smart attache case, containing several defensive gadgets, condoms, and a fancy rifle!; fancy suits; doing fancy photo-shoots; in cars, trains, boats, and planes.

And what do they give me!; Little camera time; A soppy maids outfit; Tight shoes that don’t deliver, (too tight!) how am I to kill ‘Bond’ with ‘little gun, little pricks,’ a little poison, and I get mullered, WTF!

And I’m suppose to be a hard-core female villain! – I don’t deserve my place here, ‘Joe 90.’

Enjoy the Loafers, Rosa!

Oh, stop crying, he’s only ‘Bond’; Anyone can marry a ‘Prince’ or ‘Soccer Player’; these days; I mean even; ‘Prince’ Andrew, is on the ‘Transfer List’;

Thanks again, Joe 90

You are our hero! Our little villain!

I have shown you a comprehensive and honest view of what a ‘Gentleman’ likes, in the way of what shoes (loafers) styles women wear, and what gets their hearts racing? While having a bit of fun;

‘However,’ my commitment to yourselves, regardless of creed colour gender or any other persuasion, is solely to help your search in finding the perfect ‘amazing shoes,’ and getting the best’ amazing results.’

If you care to read my ‘About Me’ page, you will get the whole story of how ‘Joe 90″ arrived here today.

Please, feel free to leave any comments.

Joe 90


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  1. Roy says:

    Hello 90,
    I like the way you are speaking in the three persons… works for me.
    Liking your work my friend.
    Best yet,

    1. Hi Roy,
      Any time Roy any time!; Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot, … Liking you too, my friend; Oh, keep coming back!
      You are the best too!

      Thanks again
      Joe 90

  2. Jenn says:

    I love your shoe alignment to evil villainess in the history of movies. Such a great in depth look at the type of shoe and the evil doers wrong doings to the temptress.  Do you think the writers of books and movies put so much thought and forefront into the context and content of their characters and what their characters attire personified? 

    1. Hi Jenn,
      Thanks for the time spent looking over my article; Pleased you liked the content; Yes, definitely in-depth; took some digging; To align all those shoes, but hey, I love it, when it all comes together; (Do you think the writers of books and movies put so much thought and forefront into the context and content of their characters and what their characters attire personified?) That’s a great question, Jenn.

      Thanks again, Jenn

  3. Bella says:

    These are really good products and I must a say as a love of shoes i really feel happy seeing such good stuff online and I have been really bad with picking up things online but I trust these are really good quality as much as they are of good look as well. On thing that can be of help is easy delivery of these shoes, how easy can we get these product?

    1. Joe 90 says:

      Hi Bella, 

      Your question; How easy can we get these products? Answer; How many would you like?; How soon do you need them; What size are you; And which actual product are you requiring?. Give me some feedback, and I see what I can do!; So glad you liked the shoes; So, what is your favourite style?. Let me know, and I will do a blog for you, yes, only you!

      Thanks again’

      Joe 90

  4. Sherry says:

    Well! This definitely took some digging in to do before actually combining all these lists together to bring the very best of the villains togetjer. Well, I would agree with you that there are quite good footies here but the tags are not really encouraging though. Thanks so much for sharing all these out here with us all

    1. Joe 90 says:

      Hi Sherry,

      Thanks for the time spent looking over my article. I will fix the problem you mentioned (Tags); Pleased you liked the content; Yes, definitely took some digging, which I most enjoy!. (Always!)

      1. Fitzroy Gaynes says:

        You must have some men’s shoes.
        Back in the day 50yrs wow.

        1. Hi Fitz,

          Ahhh! The penny has dropped! So, you did get the message? However, did you like the styles and presentation? I would have liked a bit more; let me know, the type of ‘Men’s’ shoe styles you prefer; I will consider; including items for the ‘Gentleman’ – as I know; more about shoes for ‘Women’, (See my about me page) my focus was on the female; As I stated ‘Fitz’ share my website address – to your male friends – If more males visit my website and ask me to include shoes for them, I will follow any requests! ‘Fitz’; Come back and tell me your thoughts on the overall shoes you viewed and content?. Share! Share! Share! To your female contacts; I would be interested in having their opinions?. (I love the mind, body (shoes) and sole.) See what I did there?.

          One (Keep Fit) Love, (50+Yrs From, Northchurch Road and Oakley Road, huh!)

          Joe 90

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