10 Super Loafer-Style Women’s Shoes – ‘A Gentlemen Perspective’

If, this is your first time here, thanks for passing by if you have been here before; whoopee!; just fab!.

I have a love affair with the shoes women wear; a fetish if you will; and admit a hobby!.

Ladies admit it; Women (have always) thought about whether they like; find ‘Gentlemen’ attractive by their shoes; am I right?.

Well, ladies, I am now the ‘Euphonious’ voice of the ‘Gentlemen’; ladies, to inform you, the footwear women choose to wear, ‘Gentlemen also judge too.; Join the club Ladies.

Today, ladies – ‘Loafer Style’ Shoes.

What is the perfect pair of ‘Loafers’ you ask;

loafers are adaptable – cosy – classic – definitive – conventional – contemporary – handy – even wear at home; fit enough to pair with most things – they look great with skirt- shorts with a t-shirt, jeans with a shirt – almost anything in your wardrobe.

Ladies, thousands of shoes claim to be super comfy; Some footwear; boots, for instance, can be unbearable on warmer summer days.

Ladies, besides spending money on ‘heavy, craggy’ boots, there is a world ‘ of stylish shoes out there (Flats – Pumps – High-Heels – Mules – Boots – Sandals – even beautiful loafers-styles shoes. It is not like the old days when people were limited in there choices’.

Ladies, there’s an option for everyone on my list. The interest in ‘loafer shoe styles’; will be extensive, very – on-trend for 2020 – 2021; keep your eyes peeled!

The trendy footwear; with roots from as way back as, the North Americans – cosy being the all-important priority; Keep reading to discover the most popular, according to the ‘Gentlemen’. Ladies, Gucci and Bass Weejuns, attributed with making and keeping these superior casual shoes fashionable and timeless.

Loafers – Style; If you are not quick, you’ve probably found out the hard way, that the very endearing, they mostly tend to be snapped up quickly; in a lot of cases, loafers can look just as attractive on a womens foot as a high-heel. Keep your feet sweet; see how that rhymed!.

The incredibly low height on all loafers – styles; means comfort – stable to walk in; The silhouettes are – stylish – sexy – timeless – always on-trend.

‘I have raved enough’!.

We should look at shoes now, right!

I should stop talking, right!.

OK as usual; If you can, fix a drink,! No matter where you all are; if not, sit back and relax.

I have taken quality – comfort – style – street-cred – sex-appeal into consideration.

As the ‘title’ above says, I have picked ten pairs of amazing (loafer-style) shoes, that gets ‘Gentlemen’ hearts racing ladies.

Today you lucky lovely ladies it’s all things’ loafer style, so if you are ready ladies ‘ let’s go’, ‘here we go, here we go, here we go… here we;…

Mytheresa-Ganni-Jewel-Leather-LoafersMytheresa – ‘Ganni’ – Loafers – Ladies, look at me, I’m a nonconformist, that’s right!. Yes, with a seriously square heel!; yes, with a seriously round mouth!; and yes, I walk around like I own the place!; comfortable contemporary and versatile; wearing my brown snake-skin, showing off my endearing jewel embellishment on my upper!; but guess what? Influencers adore me; as do editors globally. (The women that wear these shoe have got soul, funky, ‘SuperFly’, and most probably married to ‘John Shaft’; ‘Can you dig it!’?.) ‘Shaft’ -The Movie – 1971.

I can dig it Joe 90! thanks ‘Steve.’

I heard you went fishing this week ‘Steve’, yes, I know about the crabs, however, did you catch any fish?; Yes, Crocodile ‘Rock’! (Elton John – 1973)

L. K Bennett-Shana-Green-Croc-EffectL.K Bennett – ‘Shana’ Green Croc-Effect Flats – First was a ‘snake’, and now we have a croc. A modern contemporary classic every day, anytime alternative to the traditional flat loafer. Pictured here in green, they also come in brown; and have a rounded toe – very casual, very fun. These loafers suit a ‘Piscean’ (‘Rihanna’) or ‘Taurian’ (Queen Elizabeth ll) woman that lives near the river, she is bubbly, grounded, and appreciates wealth, (and jewellery) not necessarily her own.

‘Steve’ sorry mate, I don’t want to hear about the one that got away!

Meanwhile, I have eight more loafer-style shoes that I have reeled in to showcase.

Dune-Wf-Gracelle-LeopardDune – Wf Gracelle – Loafer – Ladies, first we had a snake, then we had a croc, now we have a leopard. New-season collection from ‘Dune’; crafted premium bold leopard print; luxurious leather lining; a sensible easy to wear slip-on style; so simple and chic, sure to get heads turning; complete with a pattern striped ‘sole’ and saddle strap. (The women that wear these shoes are like ‘Thomsons’s gazelles – mainly seen somewhere in ‘Essex’, UK, Saturday nights; spot them ‘Stotting’, (running and jumping high) all over the place before skip-fleeing into an ‘Uber’.)

‘Steve’ has just explained to me that the one he said got away was as big as ‘JAWS.’!. (I bet (the ‘jaws’) he found was ‘Nemo.’ (‘Finding Nemo’ -2003)

Cult-LoafersCult – Loafers – A faux leather laminated solid silver colour loafer, with round-toe styling, a raised square heel, leather lining, a unique cleated rubber sole – note the tassel, and three X’s on the bridge of the shoe; shoes for the modern woman, who is versatile, resourceful, more than ever before. (The women that wear these shoes exhibit angelic qualities, she likes her ‘Wings’ so much, she puts them in a ‘safe’ at night, as she lives with a devil.)

‘Steve’, no more ‘red herrings’ thanks!

Ahhh, Ladies… Let’s look at what else I have caught in my net!

Hogan-LoafersHogan – Loafer – In the 70’s shoes with this type sole (were) called ‘Toppers.’; a shop called ‘Toppers’ sold the same shoes in ‘Soho’ London. Created with a slightly cleated rubber sole – round-toe – tassel detailing – wedge heel leather lining – complement any of your outfits today. (Shoes for Mrs Darth Vader (lives in ‘Tatooine’) loves to win an argument, not happy if she doesn’t; she is a force; such as a tidal wave; creates a storm; destroys cities)



Bottega-Veneta-High-Block-Heel-LoafersBottega Veneta – High Block-Heel Loafer – Well, ladies this is a shoe; no collection is complete until you add this classic 70’s platform styling loafer;

a traditional penny (loafer) strap detail upper; slip-on; fits right to size; contrasting leather trim; woven leather detailed heel; super 4″ wrapped high block heel; leather upper and lining; cleated slip-resistant rubber sole. (The women that wear these shoes are clearly ‘Glam rock’ chicklets, who wear loads of kinky makeup; kinky hairstyles; particularly, kinky platform shoes; that like to wear outrageous costumes, like ‘Doctors & Nurses’, at home, night or day.)

Ladies, guess what ‘Steve’ just told me!; he caught a ‘Glam Rock‘ starfish once!; ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!… fishing for complements eh, ‘Steve’, well this is not the ‘Plaice‘, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

Bass Weejuns - Two-Tone-Black & White-LoafersG. H. Bass – Blue Estelle High Shine Loafers – At this point, again I would like to remind you, ladies of my commitment, which is solely, to help your search in finding the perfect fantastic footwear that you deserve, I love my shoe fetish ladies!. These mouth-watering opulent – super-duper – slip-on – tassel detailing loafer are on-trend irresistible – contrasting stitching; hand-stitched design – rubber grip sole – leather upper. (The women that wear these shoes like bubblegum, romantic camp men, disco music, and a bit of leather, if you know what I mean!.


Givenchy-double-G-loafersGivenchy – Mystic double-G Loafers – Twinkle, twinkle little star; I don’t have to wonder what you are; ‘Hollywood’, red carpet, ‘Tinseltown’ darling!. This silver-tone – patent leather superstars, breaking box office records, very cinematic, created with metallic sheen effect – gold-tone double-G applique, a slip-on style, with branded insole, and low heel. (The women that wear these loafers are very keen gardeners, like to sit on a couch, from the glamour of their ‘Juliet Balconies’ staring at the excellent vaseline ‘sheen’ pristine (Fatsia) bush, cultivated in their front gardens.)


We want ‘Steve’; we want ‘Steve’; we want ‘Steve’; we want ‘Steve’, any last words ‘Steve’; any final fishy ‘tails, Yes!; after fishing all day,’ I like to watch ‘prawn‘ movies, while I clean my big rod!.

Nicholas-Kirkwood-18mm-Beya-LoafersNicholas Kirkwood – 18mm ‘Beya’ Loafers – Bang – crash – wallop, back again for another season, signature flats. The distinctive Nicholas Kirkwood design with a sculpted metallic heel. These soft blue leather art deco – timeless – chic – pointed toe has a traditional pull-on tab, Made in Italy – ‘fully functional’ – fun. (Women that wear these shoes (probably) serve drinks at ‘Madam Amelie’s’ – ‘German Dominatrix School’; Hamburg’s red-light district; aka, ‘Die sundigste Meile and Kiez’)

I have shown you, a comprehensive, and an honest view of what a ‘Gentleman’ likes, in the way of what shoes (loafers) styles women wear, and what gets their hearts racing? While having a bit of fun.

‘However’, my commitment to yourselves, regardless of creed – colour – gender or any other persuasion, is solely, to help your search in finding the perfect ‘amazing shoes’, and getting, the best ‘amazing results’.

If you care to read my ‘About Me’ page, you will get the whole story of, how ‘Joe 90” arrived here today.

Please, feel free to leave any comments.

Joe 90


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