10 Nursery Rhyme Women’s Loafer-Style Shoes – A ‘Gentlemen Perspective’

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10 Nursery Rhyme Women’s Loafer-Style Shoes.

Hey, Shhh! … Can you keep a secret?, I have a ‘Shoe Fetish’, It appears that I am not alone; I am not the only one with a shoe fetish; looking at the list of men’s names linked to the making and designing of women’s shoes, which I have mentioned in my previous articles. (Andre Perugia – Rodger Viver – Patrick Cox; as examples!

I love my disposition, ha, ha; my ‘fetish’!; however, I think of it; more of an ‘Obsession’ or ‘Hobby’ to be honest ‘Girls!.

If you have been following my articles, you will know; I, Joe 90, and my ‘Panel’, ‘The ‘GPP ‘, we inform on the shoes’ Women’ wear, and ‘Gentlemen’; Perceive have the ‘Law of Attraction‘.

So, my lovely ladies; this is how it flows; The ‘GP’ The ‘Gentlemen Perspective’ research, source, pick, and choose; The shoes they feel have the ‘Law of Attraction’, and then we showcase them. It’s as simple as that; And, remember, ‘Ladies’, not what Women’ feel are appealing; Lovable or even cute.

(Like it or not!.)

‘The gentle euphonious voice of the ‘Gentlemen”.

Things to look-out for, are the descriptions of the shoe; Which women they feel; Wear ‘what’ footwear; And the type of ‘Women’ they maybe!. Take offence if you like!; They don’t mean any harm!; They want to put a humorous spin on things!, OK!.

Hey’! Put those claws away!

Before you start bashing him with your ‘Louis Vuitton’ and ‘Gucci’ handbags’.

Why not go to his comments page, treat yourselves, (‘go on’!) and take a look at the messages females have left, like (‘Shanta, Felicity’ ‘Ann’ Suzanne’ Harish’), and, you, yourself, could be oh-so-surprised ladies!;(‘Shock horror’!)

Ladies, the ‘Gentlemen are starting to run rings around you! I am getting more, (visits) men to my site than women, now that’s, surprisingly weird, ‘surprisingly’.

Incredibly; I have learned a lot by, (‘you‘) ‘Gentlemen’ reading my article; I gained a lot of knowledge from it; Everton I did not realise, you were going to be crying out for ‘MORE’;

Thank you so much for reading my article; ‘Payton’, I felt proud; Of the fact you felt, The website was ‘nice’; (Oh, that’s so pleasing to the eyes;

You felt I kept you engaged; By, how I had made navigating the article page was easy; Because of the way I had segmented my article; Which, made it enjoyable and informative to read, and follow.

(Oh, Ladies, do you remember ‘Steve’?); Just to let you know; He went to work for this rehashed Start-up ‘Company’, called ‘Hush Your Mouth Puppies’; Didn’t get started at all; Now he is looking for a new job; Oh, and he still has the red ‘Ferrari’; And, the car had no scratches!?.

However, BMW; Big ‘Mac’-Willy, or ‘BIG WILLY’; To cut things short (Ouch!); ‘My Uncle’, Is now working with the ‘GPP’ – The ‘Gentleman Perspective’ Panel; And, has flown over to help me; When he, ‘Steve’ left!

Don’t worry; he has good teeth, but only has one eye. (If, you know what I mean!); Old enough to have a free ‘Travel Pass’;

However, he now drives ‘Steve’s, former electric vehicle; Asaving the planet’ BMW i3; Registration number, ‘BMW 13’; ‘Joe 90’, has a BMW i3 also, reg number ‘BRO2 BAD’!.

However, I did not tell ‘Steve’, that my faithful, reliable, unconditional loving, ‘Willy’, will be around, for only a month; As he has a big job, to erect back home, in the ‘States’. (Ladies if you want ‘Steve’ back, let me know, OK!.)

Today Ladies, we look at all things; Nursery Rhymes.

A ‘Nursery Rhyme’; A traditional poem or song; Made for children across the ‘World’ – Interchangeable with nursery rhymes, is the term Mother Goose Rhymes.

BIG ‘Mac’ WILLY and ‘Joe 90’ have looked into the (‘true’?) meanings behind Nursery Rhymes;

MSGM-Women's-Pink-Colour-block-LoaferToday, me; ‘Little Blo Peeps‘; (Names have been changed to protect the innocent,) bring you, what I discovered.

‘Joe 90’; Has extended his break; And is still at the ‘Fetish Club‘, he went, last week with ‘Roy’; ‘Roy’; Is now a full (‘GP’) panellist member.

Here we go, here we go, here we go; here we go.


MSGM – Women's Pink Colour-block loafer Rain, Rain, Go Away! – English(1901)

Rain, rain, go away

Come again another day.

Daddy wants to play! OK! (So, what’s he want to play?)

Next Verse;

MSGM-Women's-Pink-Colour-block-LoaferRain rain, go away

Come again another day.

Mommy wants to play! OK! (So, what’s ‘Mommy’ want to play, eh?)

(Trust me; It gets better, Hang on!)

Next Verse;

MSGM – Women’s Pink Colour-block loaferRain, rain, go away

Come back another day.

Brother wants to play! OK! (So, now the ‘brother’ wants to play!)

Now the killer part!

Next Verse; I told you it gets better!

MSGM-Women's-Pink-Colour-block-LoaferRain, rain, go away,

Come again another day,

Sister wants to play! OK; Stop right there!

So, what’s the message here?; Read between the lines!; It’s simple


Don’t forget; My name; Is ‘Blo Peeps’; I am here to dish the dirt; And tell the truth!

MSGM – Women’s Pink Colour-block loafer –

MSGM-Women's-Pink-Colour-block-LoaferAhhh!; MSGM’s offering highlights pink – yellow and white calf leather upper – the distinctive panelled colour block design is sumptuous; With a round toe – branded insole – pinked edges – slip-on – and front penny strap. Verdict – Shoes for the women that have a dining room, but, likes to eat in the bedroom!, If you know what I mean? (Probably a ‘Sagittarian’; Always looking for lost wells ‘, and next Thursday!)



MSGM – Women's Pink Colour-block loaferOh, and, ‘Dummty-Hummty’; The ‘English Guy’ – (1850ad);

Don’t think I’ve forgotten; About, you;

Portrayed as an anthropomorphic egg;

However,! You have never explicitly been described as such, anywhere, huh!?.


Dune-Glossy-Yellow-Leather-LoaferDune – Glossy Yellow Leather Loafer –

They call me mellow yellow! I don’t care what you call me, but call me, and please be wearing these loafers when you turn up; No collection is complete until you add a classic ladies, these lightweight loafers. Crafted from leather – with a monk strap and cushioned footbed for added comfort – a stylish perennial summer loafer. (This woman likes her’ Eggs Scrambled’; If you know what I mean! Trust me.)

And, that sex offender; ‘Porgie Georgie’ Kissing the ‘Girls’, and making them cry; It was not only kissing; The little lair, trust me!

Dune – Glossy Yellow Leather Loafer.Porgie Georgie’ – He did a ten stretch! – In ‘Nursery Rhyme’ Land Jail!; Between (1860 – 1870ad) For now; Back to ‘Family’; Rain, Rain, ‘Yeah’! ‘Yeah’!;

They all have their hidden agenda’s; The truth is; Mum and Dad; want the ‘rain, rain’, to go away so, Mum and Dad can go upstairs to the bedroom; To have a three-some; Dad could watch, Mum, eat some of ‘Porgie Georgie’s’; ‘Pudding and Pie’; (If, you know what I mean?) Trust me! What sort of parents; Don’t want to share the pie, with their children?

But get this; The ‘Kids’ are not so dumb; Oh, they know what’s going on; They want to get out of the house, (Any excuse) because; They can’t stand the racket; Mum makes when she eats ‘Pudding and Pie’; (especially ‘Porgie Georgie’s.’) And in any case; Jack & Jill (‘Gill’), had an afternoon ‘Three-Some’ appointment; With the evil ‘Nursery Rhyme’ land, ‘Pudding and Pieman.’

Bass Weejuns - Two-Tone-Black & White-LoafersThe Bass Weejuns – Two-Tone – Black & White Loafers – How much space do you have in your flat/apartment, for these super two-tone – Bugsy Malone (gangster movie) style loafer, beautifully designed, with black tassel and high-quality white leather fringe. These exceptionally well constructed – comfortable – stylish – sole fully stitched, with black rubber top section, not forgetting the traditional stitched rear kicker. (Nominated top Ten in ‘Nursery Rhyme’ Land)

Dummty-Hummty – English – (1870ad) ‘Egg-cellent’


The Bass Weejuns – Two-Tone – Black & White LoafersHe is shell shocked; And hates that ‘Lewis Carroll’; Introducing him as an ‘Egg’ for over a hundred years; When, in reality; I am, (or was) a ‘Cannon’, ‘Yes’ don’t let him swear!; A cannon; Used in the ‘English Civil War’ (1642- 1649) notably, in 1648; Siege of Colchester. (Google it)

In the ‘Civil War’; Dummty-Hummty ; Used by English Royalists; And minding his own business; Was sitting on a wall; One of the cannons from the attacking side ‘blew down’ the wall Dummty-Hummty was stationed on, or near; And down came Dummty-Hummty; Hence the nursery rhyme. Egg-Head; It’s no yolk!; This cracks me up!.

Tabitha Simmons – White Blakie Loafers –

Tabitha-Simmons White-Blakie Made in Italy – Patent white – almond toe – branded insole – elegant low block heels – calf leather – wipe clean – fits true to size available in various colours. Ladies, these loafers simply say ‘Pure’.’ Tall or small created for you. (‘Wow Fresh, for an Angel’)

Tread carefully!



Tabita Simmons - White Blakie LoafersJack and Jill; French – (1765ad) Ahhh! Two little sweethearts, eh!; Simply going up the hill

(Oh, bless them, the little darlings) To fetch a pail of water. Who for; We don’t know?. Jack broke his crown, by falling; And, guess what?;

Jill doesn’t save him; She can’t even save herself; As she came tumbling down after. So why did they fall; What made them fall; Was it raining; Was it windy; Was, Jeremy Clarkson here in ‘Nursery Rhyme’ Land; Yes!; Indeed he was, And still is; If, you look hard enough; On ‘Top Gear’; And now; The fool; Is roaming; Allover’ Nursery Rhyme’ Land; Telling anyone that would listen; He wants to be a millionaire. (Who cares?)

Etro Croco – Embossed Loafers –

Paul-Smith-Chilton-Crocodile-Effect- LoafersEmbossed Loafers – Lay to rest the stress and anxiety of the high-heel for now; These thought-provoking quintessentially pink, (retro with a modern twist, a round toe) magical beauties, are just magic;

The ‘Gentlemen’ feel that these loafers made for the ‘journaling woman’; calm; has proper technique; a slow hypnotic rhythmic pace; she can show her feelings and express them – very articulate – inspired. The shoes also feature a branded insole and a flat sole. (Take note, she is dynamic; desirable; has lots of appetite!)

Afternoon Pudding and Pie?

Are you off your heads?.

Etro Croco – Embossed Loafers -At the top of the hill; Lived that sex-offender, Porgie Georgie; Another ‘Three-some’; Involving the eating of ‘Porgies’ famous ‘Pudding and Pie’

However, Things went downhill, as, (well their heads did) Porgie-Georgie recognised Jack & Jill (Jill), sometimes aka (‘Gill’) and reported them!.



Etro Croco – Embossed LoafersKing Louis XVI – ‘Jack’; The poor thing, was, (beheaded); ‘1795’) lost his crown; Swiftly followed by, the love of his life, ‘Queen Mary Antoinette’ – ‘Jill’. The final insult was; The ‘Executioner’ would hold the (beheaded) heads, by the hair, to show the crowd, the heads, (of the person) looking at the body, as consciousness remains for at least eight seconds until the lack of oxygen causes eventual death.

Etro Croco – Embossed Loafers -
Oh Daddy! je ne sais quoi!.
Etro Croco – Embossed Loafers -
ma bouche; le ‘Canon.’
Etro Croco – Embossed Loafers -
‘Joe 90’, je suis vraiment extatique!.
Etro Croco – Embossed Loafers -
Heads you lose!.







Paul Smith – Chilton crocodile-effect loafers –

Paul-Smith-Chilton-Crocodile-Effect- LoafersChilton crocodile-effect loafers – A retro determined shoe (in pink leather) with a modern twist, these shoes are versatile; for weddings; partying; or to the local wine bar, features include; a round toe; branded insole; flat sole. Their traditional Italian roots influence the bohemian-inspired creators.; check the simple but effective horse-bit. This woman is a real hunter, who wear these shoes, has 20/20 eye-sight, can spot their prey in a bar, (especially in the dark) from a mile away. Always on top of there game; all action-oriented approach – she is pure of heart.

A Thong; (And) Sheepish Story!.

It’s my turn now; ‘Yes’ ‘Little Blo Peeps’ – (1805-1810ad) – You want my story, eh!

Paul Smith – Chilton crocodile-effect loafers -‘Knickers’; That’s right, Knickers!; (Panties) I lost my ‘Knickers’; It’s a lie; It was not my sheep!

Late one night, (and nearly falling asleep) I got a call from;

The ‘Grand Old Droop of Dork’, Invited me; On a date; With he’s! ‘Ten Thousand Men’; Up the hill; To sample some of ‘Porgie Georgie’s’ Pudding and Pie. (If, you know what I mean?)


Paul Smith – Chilton crocodile-effect loafers -
The Devilish Pie!

Why not? I thought!; I know what happened between; The ‘Rain, Rain; Family’; And their kids.

Chill-out; Till I get back; (and don’t wait up!) I said to the sheep; I am going to sample, and, bite into some of Porgie Georgies’s; Sex Offender; ‘Pudding and Pie’

Pudding and Pie; Is the same as; Meat and Two Veg’; Which, all ‘Mary, Lairy’s (cunning and conceited), Quite Contrary’s; Deserve; as part of their 1 in 5 per day! (You are up next ‘Mary Lairy’!)

My Rhyme; Continued with lines; Such as; But it made her heart bleed; Heart; (That’s news to me!) Try a little lower; It happened one day!; Into a meadow hard by; All hung on a tree to dry;

And over the ‘Hillocks’ went rambling, And tried what she could; As a shepherdess should. (Knickers!, all, Knickers!)

Now let us look at The ‘Grand Old Droop’ of Dorks; ‘Nursery Rhyme’;

Paul Smith – Chilton crocodile-effect loafers -And ‘Little Blo Peeps’; side by side.

Blo Peeps – Determined to find them; Equals; My’ Knickers.’

‘Droop of Dork’ – He marched them up to the top of the hill! (Why?)

‘Blo Peeps’ – She found them. (My Knickers!)

‘Droop of Dork’ – Then he marched down again! (Why?)

‘Blo Peeps’; But it made her, (heart) bleed. (After she had the ‘Pudding and Pie’)

The awful sex offender; Porgie Georgie, and the ‘Droop of Dork’; Stole my ‘Knickers’;

‘Droop of Dork’ – He Marched them up to the top of the hill. (Again! Why)

‘Blo Peeps’ – All hung on a tree to dry; Yes!, my Knickers!

‘Droop of Dork’ – Then he marched them down again. (What’s wrong with this ‘Droop?)

Paul Smith – Chilton crocodile-effect loafers -
Getting my hustle on!.

‘Blo Peeps’; But when she awoke, she found it a joke; (No, Droop and his men thought it was!. (I mean, I could have caught a cold; dammit!)

So, I shall sum up the, (real) nursery rhyme for you, huh!

They; The Droop of Dork!; And his ten thousand men; Stole my knickers, (Panties) After I ate, (sex offenders) ‘Porgie Georgies’ Pudding and Pie’.

They hung my knickers in a very tall tree;

Paul Smith – Chilton crocodile-effect loafers -Each time I went up to get my’ panties’; As soon as I tried to put them on; One of Droop’s ten thousand men would ‘drape’; My panties off me; And hang them high again in the tree; Forcing me; To go back up the tall tree again; And each time I came down; There was one of ‘Droops’ men; And up I went again.

Read the ‘nursery rhyme’ yourself; Especially the last two verses.

Reference to The Droop of Dork; Nursery Rhyme; Halfway up; Is a reference to me; Blo Peeps being ‘halfway up’ the tree; And, all of ‘Droops’; ‘Ten Thousand Men’; Looking up my skirt; While I climbed to retrieve my panties; That is the truth! (Knickers; I did not lose sheep!)

Tod’s – T-Plaque – Nude-Pink Loafer –



Join the next Nude-‘pink’ generation stars. In demand and very influential; creamy soft suede leather; (flamingo heaven baby!) gold-tone logo plaque; round toe; branded insole and flat heel; slip-on loafer. Not for the feminist, huh! No spliffs, no butts, no babies!.


Taryn Rose Andrea – Genuine Calf Hair Loafer –

Genuine Calf Hair Loafer; The priority comfort-driven loafer; delivers Taryn Rose Andrea – Genuine Calf Hair Loafer -cushy footbed; combined arch support; these shoes, worn the most fierce, forward-looking, trendy ‘Tigress’ which is inspired by a superb upper.

The ‘Tigress’ has a ‘Gold Ring, hurrah; For her gold finger, silly!

‘Blo Peeps’ has some to say, go ahead ‘Blo Peeps! ‘Tigresses’ would rather have a bit of ‘Porgie Georgie’ (Pudding and Pie) when out at the ‘Spa’ in the ‘National’ Park’; than be given the social distancing treatment, by a cat’s whisker!; Thanks for the input ‘Blo Peeps’; your welcome, ‘Joe 90,!.

No, I’m not ‘Nicholess.’

Taryn Rose Andrea – Genuine Calf Hair Loafer -Mary Liary, Quite Contrary – English – (1744ad); Known for being, (cunning and conceited) as well as a ‘Bloody (Tudor) Queen’; You know; The first daughter of ‘Henry VIII’; you no; Who became ‘England’ Queen Mary I.

‘Mary Lairy’ quite contrary, how does your garden bush grow?;

With ‘Pudding and Pie’; From; That ‘Porgie Georgie’ guy;


Taryn Rose Andrea – Genuine Calf Hair Loafer
Bush Tucker!.

Who slept; Miss Muffet; That sat on his tuffet;

That frightened ‘Blo Peeps’ away;

Would you like some hot soup?

No said; ‘Droop’; Why you peasant; Do you think I am gay?

OK, said ‘Blo Peeps’, you could after look for my sheep;

Yes said ‘Droop’; If you frighten the big (dick)) spider away!


Taryn Rose Andrea – Genuine Calf Hair Loafer -Little Miss Muffet – aka ‘Patience’ – English – (1805ad)

Doctor (A notorious physician and entomologist, and guide on insects) Muffet’s Stepdaughter; Apparently!;




Taryn Rose Andrea – Genuine Calf Hair Loafer
Little Miss Buffett!.

Apparently!; Her story;

Is apparently; About an incident;

Apparently; When ‘Patience’; Ran away from;

Apparently; From her breakfast;


Taryn Rose Andrea – Genuine Calf Hair Loafer -
Piss off spider!

Apparently; Being frightened;

Apparently; By a spider.

Want the X-Rated Version? (You are getting it anyway!)

Remember; I am Little ‘Blo Peeps’; I know the facts!


Little Miss Muffet, sat on ‘Porgies Georgies’ Tuffet;

Taryn Rose Andrea – Genuine Calf Hair Loafer -
The Devilish Pie!

Which was long and hard; I must say!

The enormous ‘Pudding and Pie’;

Squirted right in her eye!

Poor ‘Little Miss Muffet’ was blinded all day!.


Coming up soon; ‘Zodiac’ High Heels Shoes; Next’ Article’; So, do come back for more!

Roger-Viver-Belle-Leather-LoaferRoger Viver – Belle Viver – Leather – Loafer Pumps –

Sexy, glamorous, sophisticated, detailing and style from Roger Viver, in ivory white leather; square toe, with straps across the vamp, with the label’s signature; golden buckles, finished off with, minimal block heels.

These ‘Women’ are not full of hot ‘Air’, in fact, ‘Librans’, are quite cool people, calculating, and charming; they like sharing, undoubtedly quick in the humour department, which makes them (fantastic) great diplomatic people to have around. Librans, balance their lives by, keeping everything around them, on a harmonious par; fair-minded, and social, loving the outdoors, like a Leo!.

Roger Viver – Belle Viver – Leather – Loafer PumpsIf there is one thing Librans hate; Mess, Chaos, Injustice and Violence; Preferring, tidy and orderly;

Librans make excellent lovers; They love art; Beauty; Beautiful things, All the finer things in life; and pleasure.

However, this could be seen as self-indulgence; as, if it looks good, it’s good, OK!. Commitment is hard, and they believe life is a bed of roses; sometimes their partners, friends and family, would rather, a visit to the dentist, than being around them!.

(Good shot, Sir, good shot!.)

Mary Had A Little Lamb – 

Roger Viver – Belle Viver – Leather – Loafer PumpsMary Lambatty – aka Mary Lamb, aka Mary Lambot, aka Lamb to Slaughter, aka Mary Elizabeth Sayer – (1806ad)

Apparently!; Her story;

Is apparently; About an actual incident;

Apparently; On a farm;


Roger Viver – Belle Viver – Leather – Loafer PumpsApparently; In Sterling, Massachusetts, USA;

Apparently; Mary found a sickly newborn lamb;

Apparently; In a sheep pen; abandoned by its mother;

Apparently; Against all the odds;


Roger Viver – Belle Viver – Leather – Loafer Pumps
Hi, Mary, I’m ‘Blo Peep’!

(This is becoming like a ‘Bond’ film, with all the repeats!)

Apparently; Mary managed to nurse the lamb back to health.

So, the story goes; the sheep would follow her everywhere! (Even to school!)

(Want the X-Rated Version?)



Roger Viver – Belle Viver – Leather – Loafer PumpsRoger Viver – Belle Viver – Leather – Loafer PumpsMary ‘had’ a little lamb;

She should have known much better;

Then she started sleeping with men;

She found ‘dick’ so much better;


Roger Viver – Belle Viver – Leather – Loafer Pumps
Bush Tucker!.

Roger Viver – Belle Viver – Leather – Loafer PumpsMary had a little lamb and a big vibrator;

Then she slept with a girl;

And found things tasted saltier.



Prada – Leather – Slingback – Pumps –

Prada-Leather-Slingback-Pumps A modern and retro feel for you ladies, with these ‘white lamb’ leather pumps; very on-trend, just look at the beautiful square toe; crafted with sturdy block heels; with the brands signature on the upper; positive shoes for a wedding; made in Italy.

Shoes for a loyal women, who are hard-working; a meticulous perfectionist. Their weaknesses are shyness, worry; and being oh-so! over critical of self, and others.

The ‘Virgo woman like healthy food, animals, nature, books, and cleanliness; a deep sense of humanity makes the single-minded dedicated Virgo’ one of the most careful star signs; being very methodical, practical, conservative; Thoughtful, well organised, in their lives;

Prada – Leather – Slingback – Pumps -Prada – Leather – Slingback – Pumps -Virgo’s, tend to leave nothing to chance, paying attention to the finer details; always worried, that they missed a feature, impossible to mend. (That no one else cares about!.) The name Virgin fits well; born with a feeling that every experience, for the better part, is for the very first time. Perfect partner –


You mainly get what you pay for, right! that’s right ‘Joe 90’!. ‘OK’, shoes are no different; OK’, so always remember, the ‘Six Things’; When buying shoes! How made! – Hand or Machine!, The Type of Leather or Material – How the shoes were put together- Adhesive/Glue – Construction/Stitching – Toe-Shape – Never to Narrow – Never too Long – And Uniqueness.

Prada – Leather – Slingback – Pumps -
It’s so Drafty!

‘Blo Peeps’ has shown you, a comprehensive, and an honest view of what a ‘Gentleman’ likes, in the way of what shoes (‘loafers’) styles women wear, and what gets their hearts racing?; While having a bit of fun.

‘However’, my commitment to yourselves, regardless of creed – colour – gender or any other persuasion, is solely, to help your search in finding the perfect ‘amazing shoes’, and getting, the best’ amazing results’.



Good luck! Joe 90

If you care to read my ‘About Me’ page, you will get the whole story of, how ‘Joe 90″ arrived here today.

Please, feel free to leave any comments; and be lucky!

Joe 90


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  1. Ah, your list just got me rolling on the floor on and on. I like the way you are able to add humour to the way you market what you have here. I think you have some really nice shoes on here for sale and I should be able to buy a number of them too for myself and for my sister. Now I feel like I want that retro feel shoes too.

    1. Joe 90 says:

      Jay; I am so happy you liked my presentation;

      (the list just got me rolling on the floor on and on. I like the way you are able to add humour to the way you market what you have here). 

      I am also pleased you thought the shoes were, (on-trend) nice shoes on my website, for sale. Yes please!, do come back, and,  bring your sister. (Buy as many as you like, Jay)

      Hey, come back, for a laugh; just to read my articles!

  2. Md. Asraful Islam says:

    Thank you for sharing a lovely, informative article with us. The chief item of this article is about 10 Nursery Rhyme Women’s Loafer. It is truly amazing that you covered this subject so well in your post. I’ve learned a lot from reading your post and gained a lot of knowledge about Nursery Rhymes. I like Rain, Rain, Go Away! of the points in your article.
    I have read and enjoyed your article so I would like to share your article with my friends by sharing it in the Facebook group so that everyone can know about your article and gain knowledge about the Law of Attraction.

    1. Joe 90 says:

      Thanks for reading my article; You can share what you like on Facebook, (the more people know about my articles, the better) so go ahead. I was excited to hear you learned a lot from reading my post and gained a lot of knowledge about Nursery Rhymes. (I like Rain, Rain, Go Away!) Of the points in your article; I do try to cover the subjects in my articles with humour and The ‘Law of Attraction’; It’s the only wat I know!.

      Hey, thanks again!

  3. Jason says:

    I must say that your article has been very interesting and I like the style, really very creative!

    I fully agree with Dummty-Hummty shoes!
    Those shiny shoe tips make him a true gentleman!
    And his buttons up wrapping his ankles. Yeah baby …

    Sure, it is important to accompany him with suitable clothes for the occasion, right?

    By the way, I didn’t know DH’s story well! Is he really a cannon?

    Well, I really liked the style with which you have described the shoes, I will take a look at new blogs;)

    Thanks for sharing this in this great style! (you should never lose it, right?;)


    1. Joe 90 says:

      Well, Hi Jason,

      Jason; Google ‘Cannon’ – Humpty-Dumpty!; Shhh!

      Jason, Jason; All shoes were for ladies!; Shhh!. (Not Men!)

      Jason, Jason; Glad you liked my ‘Style’; Yes, Jason, do come back for more!; Yes take a look at new blogs! Shhh!

      Oh, Jason, Jason; I know you did not go to the end of the article, did you?. ‘Now go right back’!, and finish off the piece; ‘Naughty’!. (You missed it, Jason, Jason.)

      Thanks again, Shhh!.

      Joe 90, Shhh – Don’t mention my ‘Fetish.

  4. Mr 90, once again a triumph! The way you have mingled the well known nursery Rhythms with quirky segways is a touch of genius. I especially like the fact that Humpty Dumpty was never recorded as an egg! This has always been assumed, and as you right know assumptions make a ASS-out of-U and-ME. Like it, you can have that one 90. Like the twist on Blo peep and little miss muffet. Georgie porgy, and Mary`s garden.
    Keep the good work up 90.

    1. Mr Roy,
      Once again a triumph!, well thanks ‘Roy’.
      I am so proud you said; (The way you have mingled the well known nursery Rhythms with quirky segways is a touch of genius.) I like the fact that; You did not know about Humpty Dumpty was never recorded as an egg! This has always been assumed, . Like the twist on Blo peep and little miss muffet. Georgie porgy, and Mary’s garden.
      Keep the great feedback coming!; And I will keep you engaged; Trust me!

      Joe 90

  5. Lucie says:

    Hi Joe, this must have been the funniest – as well as most interesting – posts I’ve read in ages! My hat down to your creativity. Your marketing strategies are truly second to none! And in fact, you made me seriously ponder on getting some of those loafers, especially the while crocodile-embossed ones. Vey Italian chic style. Keep your unique and highly entertaining posts going! 🙂 Lucie

    1. Joe 90 says:

      Hi Lucie,

      You said; Joe, this must have been the funniest – as well as most interesting – posts I’ve read in ages! – (Awww!, you made me blush!)

      You went on to say; my marketing strategies were second to none; Well, that is some high praise. I will try to keep the uniqueness and the entertainment going; just for you, eh!.

      Hey! Lucie, Why not take a look at some other articles; Try – ‘Fairy Tales’. 

      Thanks again for everything!

      Joe 90

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    The child in me was awakened by this well written creative post. I never thought that nursery rhyme can be mixed with shoes. I also remember many good memories as i read the nursery rhymes. Your article brought me to memory lane and at the same time introduced me to good looking shoes that I can gift my girlfriend with. You rock!

    1. Joe 90 says:

      Hi Brian,

      I was pleased to have awake good memories by taking you down memory lane; from what you read in my article!. I am also amazed; at how I was able to marry the two subjects together. (Well written post; I’ll take that!)
      Yes, buy your girlfriend some beautiful shoes! (I rock, well thanks!)

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    What an amazing way to connect poems and shoes and make it humorous. I love your style and I wish you great success in all your future posts too. It is really interesting to see your inimitable style and great wit. Such a lovely take on Jack and Jill, Bo Peep, and all the others. 

    I am bookmarking you for preferred viewing and I hope u post many interesting articles in the future too.

    Thanks for a good laugh,


    1. Joe 90 says:

      Hi Aparna, I was pleased you were amazed at the way I connected the poems and shoes (Aparna, I am a crazy person); and that I made it humorous. If you like my style, there are other articles to view, so don’t be shy. Thanks for the wish of success in all my future posts. Oh, Aparna, I love the word inimitable.

      There will be many more interesting articles in the future I can assure you. 

      So glad you laughed!

      I would like to know; From a woman’s point of view;

      Did you feel offended in any way;

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    I find my self with a closet full of shoes and nowhere to wear them. I find myself in slippers, flip flops, and sliders mostly these days. I actually am preferring it this way and I’m also realizing that I don’t need sooooo many shoes, and clothes, and overall stuff everywhere. 

    It’s time for me to declutter and gentlemen, that’s starting with my overload in shoe supplies. Next stop the donation department! 

    1. Joe 90 says:

      Hi Ericka

      What you said; Very interesting perspective and not a topic that I’ve often come across but enjoyed nonetheless.

      I say; Thanks!

      You say; These days of living in quarantine have got me in a bit of a shoe slump myself.

      I say; Most people are in the same position, however, be positive, things will change, ‘Cinderella’, and you will go to the ball, eventually!.

      You say; I find my self with a closet full of shoes and nowhere to wear them. I find myself in slippers, flip flops, and sliders mostly these days. I actually am preferring it this way and I’m also realizing that I don’t need sooooo many shoes, and clothes, and overall stuff everywhere.

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    1. Joe 90 says:

      Hi Shey,

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      Thanks again

  12. coralie says:

    Wow what a unique and creative post. I enjoyed the rhymes and the shoes. The way you write it was engaging and funny. I have never read a post like this, so awesome job.

    It so funny that we all know the rhymes we never really think about what the lyrics mean. What a cool way to think of them and apply that to some pretty spectacular shoes. Cool!

    1. Joe 90 says:

      Hi Coralie,

      You say; Wow what a unique and creative post. I enjoyed the rhymes and the shoes. The way you write it was engaging and funny. I have never read a post like this, so awesome job.

      I say; I am thrilled to bits; That you get me! Equally pleased you thought the way I applied the footwear to the ‘Nursery Rhymes’ was cool, and the choice of shoes was pretty spectacular. Hot!!

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      Hi Nina,

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      For reading my article thoroughly; Giving me a chance to express myself; Affording me to give you another take on an everyday ‘Nursery Rhyme‘, I thank you!. (Why keep me to yourself; Why not share me?)

      Thanks again, Nina!.

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