10 Comfy Snug Living With Arthritic Feet Shoes – The Women

‘OK’, you may be only looking to learn something about the physical symptom – mental – medical – features, of living with ‘Arthritis’. Now, listen to my ‘amazing ladies’, I promise I will not bore you with overwhelming paragraphs that go on and on, and you get very bored or fall asleep, Nah!, (I will keep it short as possible) giving only the good stuff what you need. So, what is ‘Arthritis’ Joe 90?.
The Symptoms of, ‘Arthritis’, [rheumatic condition] is a common condition [stiffness in the legs and feet] that causes pain [Foot and Lower Body] and swelling [inflammation] in the joints. ‘Arthritis’, can affect one bone or multiple joints; there are more than 100 different types of arthritis, with different causes and treatment methods. Two of the most common types are osteoarthritis [OA], and rheumatoid arthritis, [RA (source: healthline.com) / autoimmune disorder] and varied, symptoms usually develop over time, and may also appear suddenly. Gout is most common in adults over the age of 65 and is more common in women than and men, and in people who are overweight.
As the ‘title’ above states, I have picked ’10 Amazing’ Comfy – Snug – ‘Arthritic Shoes’,

I have taken quality – comfort – stability – style – durability and even, value for money, into consideration, you can start at any ‘shoes’, it does not matter, as you will see my articles flow.
So, if you are all ready ‘ladies’, ‘let’s go’.
Here we go, here we go, here we go,………….here we go!.
JD Williams – ‘Leather Tassel Loafers’ – Oh so soothing! In white, very nautical, and guess what? A host of others colours too, a safe keep for years ahead, walk-in ideal comfort all year round, not just spring or summer,

Created with ultimate super-soft lining – unlined leather uppers – excellent value for money – light-weight loafers – tassel detail – cleated sole – a must-have [slip-on] loafer for your collection [full sizes available] A very refined-tasteful ice-cream. 4.2 out of 5, in customer reviews, (source: amazon.co.uk) ‘yes I said, ice-cream’.
Toffein – ‘FlexiKlog Clogs’ – Superb Clogs excellent for nursing staff professionals fit everyone, high-level all-day clog, great for nursing staff. With a built-in arch.
A slightly raised heel, keeps your body aligned, in a correct position,
light-weight relaxed, designed smooth, stylish, easy to clean, soft leather insole, for your ultimate comfort. At the same time, the upper part of the clog is PU, and water-resistant – due to the adjustable strap.
look FlexiKlogs [iconic] can be worn in their forward or back position, so keep your feet in even tighter,

easy to slip on and off,

Made using the toffein anti-static system, has a shock-absorbing sole, which is well constructed and durable, specifically protect in static situations, great features, 4 out of 5, in customer reviews. [Doctors Orders]

[Your weight – Many overweight people suffer from ‘arthritis’ – previous injuries can lead to ‘hammer toe’ in the joints,

In the affected area – repetitive actions that put stress on a particular joint – runners – walkers – dancers – construction workers, are typical examples of people at risk.

For your information, [10 million people are living with ‘arthritis’ in the UK, 1 in 5 of the adult population in the UK has the condition, and it can affect people of all ages. Furthermore, there are 12,000 children with arthritis in the UK, with, and 27, 000 people [approx] living with arthritis are under the age of 25.] (source: footsolutions.co.uk/glasgow)

Futuro Fashion – Women’s Healthy Natural Plain Clog – Honestly, another significant clog,
I have a superb collection of fabulous shoes here shoes on this page today,

made from natural leather, with an underside made of alder-wood,

These clogs which have health properties, and anti-skid rubber grip sole, which prevents wear, a classic slip and go slip-on, comfortable, aesthetic, long-lasting high quality. [A Natural High]


Fitflop – ‘KAIA’ – Croc-Print Leather Back-Strap Sandals – How can you not love these eh!. A well crafted – slip-resistant – all leather lining, 70s croc-retro style sandals – shiny, [bamboo finish] oversize golden double buckled – comfortable – all leather lining glamorous shoes – all-day cushioning – Duo comFF midsole – checkout the micro-studs which line the sole of the soles, ahh sexy!. [All over this ‘seasons’ runway]

[Also note: Range of motion may also decrease you may experience redness of the skin around the joint – especially symptoms in same joints on both sides of the body, in the morning, waking up are signs that you are suffering from foot and lower body arthritis,
Tiredness, or experiencing a loss of appetite because of the inflammation.
The immune system’s activity causes, and if your red blood cell count decreases, you may also become anaemic, or have a fever, real severe RA can cause joint deformity if left untreated.

Batz FC10P – I am delighted to bring you these fabulous ‘Batz Clogs’ made from high-quality handmade leather.

Slip-on, extra-soft foam head part, elastic rubber inserts on both sides, an anatomic footbed, longitudinal [muscles] arch support, extra absorbent leather lining, prevents sweat, replaceable insole, anti-slip, great for nurses, doctors – all-day comfort inner soles, full toe box, another classic sublime 9-5 pm, getting you to your destination in pure luxury. [Bon Voyage]


Trotters ‘Teresa’ Sandal – No collection is complete until you add a pair of these stylish, sumptuously, foam cushioned insole sandals, with arch support built-in.

Trotters, best-selling comfort sandal, offers plenty of adjustable [has three hook-and-loop closures] straps which fit your foot correctly. Complete with a contoured footbed, and arch support, antimicrobial lining, provides all-day comfort, [Updated woven open-toe must-haves, in various colours, will complement any of your outfits, great reviews.]
So, what are the ’causes’ Joe 90?. Cartilage protects joints, they are firm, but flexible, absorbing the pressure and shock created when you move and put stress on them –

A reduction of cartilage tissue can cause some form of arthritis – normal wear and tear – infection causes, the risk of OA.

More severe If you have a family history of ‘arthritis [autoimmune disorder], this could be serious, [the ‘synovium’],
soft tissue in your joints produces a fluid that feeds the cartilage lubricates the joints:, [when your immune attacks the fabric, which can lead to the destruction of both bone and cartilage inside the joints]

However, scientists discovered genetic markers that multiply your risk of developing RA fivefold. So, how is ‘arthritis’ treated Joe 90?.
Gabor – ‘Ellis’ 745 – Women’s Sandal – Wow, ladies, do I deliver? Only the best will do, well! For your warm-weather days or on holiday, try these perfect for your wardrobe,
Crafted, luxurious, soft, supple, micro-fibre leather lining, trimmed with an out-of-this-world metal disc textured detailing at their heels, an adjustable velcro strap.
Secures at the ankles, for a cushioned fit, while the light-weight cleated soles, deliver underfoot traction, wedge heel, walk trouble-free, day or evening, [4.6 out of 5, in customer reviews.] in various colours.


Clarks – ‘Saylie Moon’ Sandals – Modern, stylish Paincomfortable

‘Clarks’ sandals, made with a very well constructed supreme lasting comfort, light-weight, adjustable hook-and-loop straps, flexible EVA outsole, and premium leather upper, which displays its sharp, sporty look, high-rebound ‘ORTHOLITE’ cushion foam inlay technology, cleverly concealed inside the shoe, to cushion and absorb impact, with every move, on your summer adventures, [Flaunt your swanky companion] Great reviews.

[1] Slip on an Ice Pack or try Heating Pads – Icing reduces the pain, at the heel from ‘arthritis’, some from heating pads, others use mobility assistance, [Ice Slippers]
[2] Analgesics: Pain relievers – such as hydrocodone

[Vicodin] or acetaminophen, are for pain management but do not help decrease inflammation.

[3] Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, [NSAIDs]

such as ibuprofen [Advil] and ‘salicylates’, help control pain and inflammation.


[4] Immunosuppressants like prednisone: or cortisone help reduce inflammation. [Note: It is in your interest, to see seek best medical advise on ‘arthritis’.]
SAS – ‘Pier’ – Is a warm-weather essential, safe keep, summer styling at its best, in white, created with adjustable straps provide a custom fit, light-weight. At the same time, a cushioned shock-absorbing insole, [designed to hug the natural curves of your feet] offers full-length comfort and support to your feet. correctly, features SAS Tripod Comfort System, designed to comfort all three points, [the inside ball, outside, and heel] for all-day support, [‘on-point’] of your feet, the unique design, promotes smoother, more comfortable walking. [‘Attention’, a trio of adjustable hook and loop straps, ‘Sir’.] in various colours.
Miz Mooz- Shep – Add shine to your spring, summer collection, they say that good things come in small packages.

Thanks to the super-comfy footbed, [which is ever so light-weight] you will always be light on your feet]

Miz Mooz Shep, is a stylish, sporty sandal, with a handy contrasting two-tone straps, adjustable buckle and lugged sole, makes this sporty modern sandal stand out, perfect for completing the summer look. Pamper yourselves feet ladies, with a lovely shade of nail polish, and you will be totally ‘bling’ proof. In other winning comfortable colours. [‘Bling me up Scotty’]

Right, from the beginning, there are ‘hundreds’ of stylish shoes out there, it is not like the old days when people were limited in their choices.

I could not possibly put ever single feature, [such-as, tags, like, ‘Cloudfoam’, ‘Eva Sole’, ‘Pillars’ ‘Technology’, ‘N’Durance’, ‘Light-weight’, ‘Mc Pod’, ‘Injected’, ‘Mc Pod’, ‘Injected’, ‘Tractplease note, that ‘all shoes’, in my article, conform to the treatment and prevention of ‘Arthritis’.


Size’ or ‘Sizing’, ‘what should I get’? ‘well’, here’s the thing, how many of you ever measure your feet?. The correct size can be obtained by having feet measured by a recommended shop,
[say ‘Clarks’, before you buy online] or get a shoe ‘measuring stick’, you can buy one on ‘Google’, they are not expensive.

Get a piece cardboard, piece of paper, trace around the feet, next measure from the back of the heel to the end of the longest toe(source: freedommoses.com) then across the feet at the widest point just below the little toe, whatever you trace – measure – leave a small, [about a thumb room] space at the front of the shoe, at the toe.[Remember Stability]


Shoe sizes are ‘not uninformed’, and vary by manufacturer to manufacturer,

[this must be understood] for if you buy any wrong fitting shoe, from now, it is your fault, this must be understood OK, sending them back, is a pain. And, Remember, Strong Sturdy Heel – Width – Length – Instep – Arch for Comfort, as no two ‘feet’ are the same, there are variations feet are not created equal, measure your feet right now and see?. [That’s just ‘amazing people’]

Well, Ladies, I have shown you a comprehensive, honest opinion/view of what I feel are high note – comfortable – sensible – reliable – durable – perfect shoes for ‘Arthritis’, ‘
Please note’ to always measure feet first before purchasing your shoes, or else you may be disappointed.

Remember my ‘commitment’ to yourselves, regardless of creed – colour – race – gender or any other persuasion, is solely, to help your search in finding the most ‘amazing shoes’, and getting the best ‘amazing results’.

No one has paid me any sums of money, to write this article, [Independent] and is a view of what, [shoes’] I feel ‘Women’ living with ‘arthritis’, would like to be aware, are available. [Honestly, pick a style you want, and buy, all the hard work above, has been done for you.]
So, how did I do Ladies? Thanks for dropping by.
If you care to read my ‘About Me’ page, you will find the ‘whole story’, of how ‘Joe 90’ arrived here today?.
Please, feel free to leave any comments, good, bad, or inquiries. [Please, always measure your feet, so many people return shoes, all because they did not measure first, before purchasing]

Joe 90


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