’10 Best Pink Women’s Loafer-Style Shoes – A ‘Gentlemen Prespective’


‘Well hello’, If, this is your first time here, thanks for passing by if you have been here before; I have a shoe fetish!; apparently!

‘ I,’ do appreciate the fact that you have come back, well that’s the pleasantries out of the way!

Ladies beware! (Very!)

Women always have thought about whether they; like adore (find attractive) ‘Gentlemen’ by their shoes.’ How do you know so much, ‘Joe’ 90; ‘I have a fair amount of females in my family’.

I am now ‘The ‘Euphonious‘ voice of the ‘Gentlemen’; I would like to inform you (ladies) the footwear ‘women’ choose to wear ‘Gentlemen judge too.; (If you didn’t know) Join the club ladies!.

(Oh, just to let you know, ladies, sometimes ‘Steve’ my PA, tags along, okay!. However, he is gone to look at a larger office space for the business; He has gone to ‘Coventry’.

Today you lucky lovely ladies it’s all things’ loafer style,

What is the perfect pair of ‘Loafers’ you ask;

loafers are versatile – comfortable – classic – traditional – stylish – relaxed, even wear in the car driving!; handy – good enough to pair with most things – they look great with shorts- jeans – skirts- almost anything in your closet, even dresses;

All ‘Pinkys’ no ‘Porkies.’

Fitflop-Lena-LoafersFitflop – Lena – Loafer ‘Pinky’ Loafers – These sober-looking slip-on; are adorable – drop-dead (‘goodie’, ‘good’) stylish;

oh so warm and smart; less is more;

light and uncanny unisex feel; Ladies get those white pantsuits or ‘Capri’ pants; comfy, with shaped footbed; a classic flat sole; crafted from soft butter leather.

I wished my maths teacher (Ms Hindeman) wore these shoes when I was in ‘Infants’ school, back in the day; she was ever so awesome!; I now wish, I had paid more attention at, taking her digits down; if you know what I mean!.

Ms Hindeman – ‘Joe 90’,

Joe 90, ‘Yes’, – ‘Ms Hindeman’,

‘Ms Hindeman’, – ‘What’s 33+36=’

Ralph-Lauren-Briony-Pink-Suede-LoafersRalph Lauren – ‘Briony’ Pink – Suede Loafers – An easy slip-on; with iconic horse-bit engraved logo; feminine round toe shoes – with horse-bit engraved logo (‘Gold-tone’) delivers a touch of authentic style; a branded footbed and sole; with (bobbled) rubber sole. The women that wear these shoes like to excavate and analyse your artefacts; can run at 55 mph, and have tiny hairs on some parts of their bodies; she’s always involved in close shaves; goes to ‘Brazil’, often.

Joe 90 – ’69’, ‘Ms Hindeman’!;

‘Is that what you’re looking for Ms Hindeman’!?.

LandsendWomen's-Wide-Comfort-Suede-Penny-LoafersLandsend – Women’s Wide Comfort Suede Penny Loafers – We adore ‘Pinks’ Loafers – with soft, comfy suede heel counter; a beautifying ‘Penny’ slot; to lighten the mood; a casual contemporary slip-on; adds a touch of tradition and class to your wardrobe;

I would describe; this stunningly classic leather and suede loafer, as timeless; ask the next flamingo you meet!; trust me!

The women that wear these shoes respect all things – ‘Pinky’; they are, (‘Scorpion’ ‘aficionados’) knowledgeable and enthusiastic; she is at home in any dessert!; they do not have any known side-effects; only 10,000 left in existence.

I’ll make myself another cup of coffee;

Ladies, I wonder how ‘Steve’, is getting on in ‘Coventry’?.

‘We want ‘Steve’, ‘We want ‘Steve’, ‘We want ‘Steve’, ‘We want ‘Steve’.

Office-Clive-Tassel-LoaferOffice – Clive – Tassel – Loafer – A refined uplifting, inspiring loafer-style shoe; leather; lightweight, durable, extremely comfortable, and again decorative; low heel; rubber sole. The women that wear these shoes; ‘The moment, she wakes up, she says a little prayer for you’! ‘forever’!; ‘forever’! You will stay in her heart, she does not have a bodyguard, but ‘Whitney’ did.

(‘She’s Back’ – Dionne Warwick – 2019)

I do hope ‘Steve’ is careful, with the company car; the red 1947 ‘125 S’ ‘Ferrari’ ‘Steve’, he looks good in that!; hmmm, I think I shall give him a call!; where’s the phone!.

‘Sunshower got me by the hour!’

‘Wanting you’!. (Oh, baby!.)

Dune-Grover-Pink-Saddle-LoaferDune – Ladies – ‘Grover’ – Saddle – Details Loafer; a perfect smart office or streetwear shoe; Crafted from leather, the shoe features a square toe; rubber sole; apron stitching; classic saddle strap detailing. The women that wear these shoes, fantasise about being a ‘Weather Presenter’; ‘Princess’; or ‘Witch’; The problem is her ‘reign’; which would, however, consist of large ‘Royal Hot Flushes’, in the mornings, and the afternoon; forecasts periods of ‘Golden Showers’ and sunny ‘spells’. (Purple rain, purple rain!)

(‘Sunshower’- Dr Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band – 1976) Alternatively (Ghostface Killah – feat.Madame Majestic – ‘Ghost Showers)

Hello ‘Steve’, are you anywhere close, to ‘Coventry!?.

Hi, ‘Joe 90’, hi ‘Ladies’; I’ve seen ‘Purple Rain’!. (‘Purple Rain’ – ‘Prince’ 1984)

Russell & Bromley-Snaffle-LoaferRussell & Bromley – Snaffle Loafer – Made in Italy, embellished upper with a snaffle bar – gold equestrian horse bit. These classic loafers can be worn with the heels up or down, like a mule – designed in irresistible baby pink quilted calf leather. (I believe INC Concepts have a pink ‘mule’ similar). Place this signature ‘R & B’ classic loafer in your wardrobe – make a statement wearing them too; Find yourself a pair of ‘grey slacks’ to pair.

(The women that wear these loafers know the smell of sweet success, as they work with ‘Willy Wonka’, they do not like small-little Oompa Loompas; smart women; are well on the ball; they know size matters, (‘at work’) if you know what I mean!?.

(‘Small Boy’ – 2008 – 80min Drama)

Listen ‘Joe 90’, I found a new ‘Job mate! It’s with a new start-up again TV Company!; they use to be called ‘Hush-Puppies’; now they’re called, ‘Hush-Your-Big-Mouth’- Puppy!.

‘I see that worried look upon your face’.

‘You’ve got your troubles. I’ve got mine’.

‘He’s found somebody else to take your place’, ‘You’ve got your troubles’, ‘I’ve got mine’… (‘You’ve Got Your Troubles’ – The Fortunes – 1994)

I’ve got the power!.

(‘Keep Calm and Carry On.’)

UGG-Flores-Suede-LoaferUGG – Flores Suede Loafer – This richly crafted loafer; designed cleary, for the ultra-feminine in mind; a minimalistic silhouette; with beautiful detailing; deserves to be paired with a gorgeous ”Neon” snake-bag; Grey ‘Ecru’ trousers.

A loafer you can depend on, time-after-time; smooth, soft suede; a timeless classic; with a delectable sumptuous silhouette, ‘hurrah’!.

(Tough (IT Intelligent) cookies wear these shoes; the ‘City’ girl!;

(formerly ‘Lap-dancers’ maybe?) primarily eats wild berries (in cornflakes) for lunch; they hang-out at ‘shady’ places like ‘Mc Donalds, will consume large cucumbers, whole, like ‘Noah’ two-by-two!. (‘Would you like fries with that?) I’ve got the power!.

Bass-Weejuns-Pink-Patent-Leather-Ladies-Penny-LoafersBass Weejuns – Pink – Patent Leather – Ladies – Penny – Loafers – A finely crafted solid traditional round toe penny loafer; they go great with jeans and shirt, or ‘Cardi’!; pairs well with most occasion.

These loafers would be fitting in the city, office, holidays, out and about, even shopping for more shoes!.

The women that wear these shoes like to air their laundry, in public; the lawyer type; that shop at ‘Waitrose’; and love dolphins, they live in a recycled plastic water bottle house and buy sandpaper condoms at Christmas!.

(The ‘GPP’) ‘The ‘Gentlemen Perspective’ Panel’, or The ‘GP’, has given these shoes 5 out of 5 in their review!.

Ladies, now that ‘Steve’ has a new ‘vocation’, with another company, I will call my Uncle ‘BMW’; He lives in ‘Cashflow’ – Paranavigar, Jarina De Marco, Los Angeles. (Vacation – ‘Paranavigar’ – 2015)

‘Keep Calm and Carry On.’ ‘Joe 90’

Topshop-Leo-Pink-Leather-Trim-LoafersTopshop – Leo – Pink – Leather Trim Loafers – Step out; walk around like you own the place; proudly in these classic ‘pinky’ flat snaffle ladies loafer; look at me, that’s right!. Yes, comfortable contemporary; I am global; versatile, and can stay up, all night long if you know what I mean!?. (Edit that!)

(The women that wear these shoes have got R&B Soul, and most probably married to ‘Lionel Richie’; ‘Ladies, a couple drinks, and you will be dancing on the ceiling!’; ‘All Night Long!All Night‘ (‘Hello’ – 1983)

Ladies,… ‘It’s sad to think’,

‘We’re not gonna make it’,

‘And it’s gotten to the point’,

‘Where we just can’t fake it, Ladies’ – ‘Neither One Of Us’!.

Raid-Harmoni-LoafersRaid – ‘Harmoni’ – Loafers – ‘Ladies these loafers are ‘Easy’, ‘Easy like a ‘Sunday’ morning, and all week at the office, at home, down the wine-bar, on a ‘Hen-Night’, you choose, Ladies!; I’m easy!; trust me!; your feet will be eternally grateful, to wear these traditional; on-trend; slick classical loafers; low-heel; a slip-on style, with gold snaffle detail; Square toe, and flat sole. A modern contemporary classic every day, anytime alternative of the traditional flat loafer; very casual, and durable. These loafers suit a ‘Piscean’ (‘Elizabeth Taylor’) or ‘Taurian’ (‘Renee Zellweger’) women that live near a waterfall, and are eccentric;

grounded; and would marry ‘Beckham‘ at the drop of a ‘ball’ (or maybe two); she would like to see ‘David‘, bend it if you know what I mean! (‘Bend it like Beckham’ – 2002)

‘Ladies’, ‘Neither one of us’,

‘Neither one of us’, ‘Wants to be the first to say, … (‘Goodbye’)

Farewell, my ‘Steve’

‘Good bye’!.

‘Goodbye Ladies’,

‘Goodbye ‘Steve’

(‘Neither One of Us’ – Gladys Knight – 1973)

I have shown you, a comprehensive, and an honest view of what a ‘Gentleman’ likes, in the way of what shoes (‘loafers’) styles women wear, and what gets their hearts racing?; While having a bit of fun.

‘However’, my commitment to yourselves, regardless of creed – colour – gender or any other persuasion, is solely, to help your search in finding the perfect ‘amazing shoes’, and getting, the best ‘amazing results’.

If you care to read my ‘About Me’ page, you will get the whole story of, how ‘Joe 90” arrived here today.

Please, feel free to leave any comments; and be lucky!

Joe 90


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  1. Roy says:

    Hello Mr 90, very nice to read about the Pink loafers, second best article for me to the last ones, Is Steve still looking for new premises out in Coventry? Liking the play on words and song titles, lots of lady’s will relate to that…. You gave a lot of secrets away about your crash on your female school teaches joe, naughty naughty. Keep the good work up my friend.

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